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The Gobwin Knob Campaign
Destruction of the Milquetoast Clan, The Battle of Warchalking, Battle for Gobwin Knob

Battle for Gobwin Knob


At the start of the battle, Gobwin Knob had just over 800 troops, including Warlords and Casters. Notable units include a force of Dwagons and Golems as well as a three way caster link allowing Gobwin Knob un-matched surveillance via and Eyemancer Table. Just prior to the battle, Wanda, Chief Croakamancer for Gobwin Knob convinced Stanley to purchase a Summon Perfect Warlord Spell and with it summoned Parson Gotti who would serve as Chief Warlord during the battle.

The Royal Crown Coalition began the battle with nearly ten thousand troops from eleven different sides led by Prince Ansom. Notable units include Barbarian Warlord Jillian Zamussels and Archons fighting on behalf of mercenary Charlescomm

Zamussels's Capture

The Battle for Gobwin Knob begins with a reconnaissance mission led by Barbarian Warlord Jillian Zamussels on behalf of the Royal Crown Coalition and Jetstone Chief Warlord Prince Ansom. Despite being instructed to avoid engagements, Commander Zamussels conducts at least one action against a target of opportunity. Jetstone Warlord Sir Webinar is sent with a force of heavies to provide support to Commander Zamussels. Before Webinar can assist, however, Commander Zamussels encounters a force of Gobwin Knob Dwagons. She is captured and the rest of her force is croaked. Webinar's force, including Jetstone Warlord Dora, encounters and defeats a group of Spidews. During this timeframe, Lady Wanda Firebaugh, Gobwin Knob's Croakamancer, casts the Summon Perfect Warlord Spell, summoning Parson Gotti to serve as Gobwin Knob's Chief Warlord. He is given the title "Lord Hamster."

Zamussels's Release

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Lady Firebaugh then proceeds to interrogate Zamussels and casts a suggestion spell on the prisoner before Gobwin Knob releases her the following turn, intending to manipulate Prince Ansom into a trap. This fails due to advice given to Ansom by Transylvito Warlord Vinny Doombats, that side's representative in the Royal Crown Coalition. Ansom instead hires three Archons from Charlescomm and sends them to assist Zamussels.

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