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Stanley the Tool
Race: Men
Tribe: The (nearly-lost) Plaid Tribe
Faction: Gobwin Knob
Class: Ruler (Overlord)
Special: Leadership, Arkenhammer,
Eyebook Username: OverLord1
Eyebook Sound: Quack

Stanley the Tool

"Yeah, I hear you. We've had some setbacks. But the thing about a quest for the ultimate power in the world is that it's bound to turn out well."

Strengths: Giving Orders, Taming Dwagons, Knowing What He Wants

Weaknesses: Strategy, Critical Thinking, Human Resource Management

Proposed Canon

Stanley the Tool (originally "Stanley the Plaid") is the Ruler of the Plaid tribe. Also referred to by his enemies as Stanley the Worm. He is the founder of the ideology of Toolism.

Toolism is the belief that Royals are clinging to a dead mandate and the true plan of the Titans is for the possessors of the Arkentools. Specifically, Stanley argues that the Titans have a plan for him, and maybe for the rest of the world too, who cares. His worldview is rather shaken when he discovers himself to be in command of a second Arkentool holder, Wanda.

Pop and early turns

Stanley is a nearly perfect example of the Peter Principle. Before the story started, Stanley started out as a piker-class infantry under the command of King Saline IV of the Plaid. He was probably a truly great Piker, because Saline promoted him to the rank of Warlord. He was probably an adequate Warlord, until he found the Arkenhammer, tamed Dwagons, and became a exceptional Warlord. Eventually Stanley became Heir Designate to Saline IV.Erf-b1-p079Same-site.PNG

At one point, Stanley took a number of the Plaid's casters, Sizemore Rockwell among them, on a special mission of undisclosed purpose; when Stanley's group returned to Gobwin Knob, they found that it had fallen to an attack from the Gobwins breaking their alliance. With the dwagons, casters, and the bonus from the Arkenhammer, Stanley easily retook the city and became the Ruler of Gobwin Knob.Erf-b1-p079Same-site.PNG Ansom believed that Stanley orchestrated this rebellion to come to power.Erf-b1-p034Same-site.PNG

(((Stanley the Tool)))