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Gobwin Knob (City)

Gobwin Knob
Capital City
Side: Gobwin Knob
Level: 5

Gobwin Knob is the capital city of Gobwin Knob, the side by the same name. It is ruled by Overlord Stanley the Tool. The city is the location of the Battle for Gobwin Knob.


Relative to most of the world, its location is unclear. However, Faq is located to the west of Gobwin Knob, while Transylvito is to the South West. The city is roughly 200 hexes from the City of Unaroyal.

Gobwin Knob was constructed within the caldera of a dormant volcano. This position gave the city excellent natural defenses and great wealth as the mountain had many precious gems within it.

City Zones

At the conclusion of the Battle for Gobwin Knob, Chief Warlord Parson ordered the tunnels to be collapsed. Gobwin Knob was severly damaged during the battle, and was rebuilt to Level 5 by order of Stanley the Tool. The refurbished city is quite different than the original; it is now smaller, asymmetrical, and tiered; the Tower of Efdup has been rebuilt, the tunnels have shrunk in size, the Outer Walls now include a gate, and there is a new zone...
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