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Documentation is at Template:Erf/pagelookup/doc. edit

For references to the comic. This template converts page and book numbers into page names in the archives.erfworld.com comain. It is mainly used to implement the {{erf}} reference template.

For books 0 and 3 it just passes the page number directly. However, books 1 and 2 were originally published with a different page numbering scheme than the current archive (as of early 2016) uses, so the template contains lookup tables to make old references keep working.



Books 0 and 3

For books 0 and 3, the page number is simply the update number in the book.

Books 1 and 2

In books 1 and 2, separate number sequences were used for comic pages, text updates, and Klog entries, but in the current archives everything is numbered sequentially. So, for example, http://archives.erfworld.com/Book_2/43 actually shows comic page 40, because there were 3 Klog pages earlier in the sequence. The template takes the displayed page number (here, 40) and converts it to the right number to put in the URL.

For comic pages, the number to put as as the 'page' argument is just the page number, either with or without leading zeroes. For example,


produces "Book_1/43", which can be used to build the link http://archives.erfworld.com/Book_1/43.

For prologues, epilogues, text updates and klog entries put the number of the text/klog with the letter 'P', 'E', 'T' or 'K' prepended. Do not use leading zeroes with this notation.

{{Erf/pagelookup|1|E4}}    and   {{Erf/pagelookup|2|T23}}

produce Book_1/167 and Book_2/82, respectively.

For historical reasons, klog entries in book 1 can also be referred to by the number of the _preceding_ comic page with an 'a' or 'b' suffix. So, for example

{{Erf/pagelookup|1|077b}}  and  {{Erf/pagelookup|1|K8}}

both produce Book_1/85 because Klog entires 7 and 8 follow directly after comic page 77.

Summer updates

The text "summer updates" that were originally published between Book 1 and Book 2 now appear in the archives as Book 1 epilogue and Book 2 prologue pages. For historical reasons, the reference template still supports referring to them as "book 1.5". Thus, for example

{{Erf/pagelookup|1.5|21}}   and   {{Erf/pagelookup|1.5|22}}

produce Book_1/184 and Book_2/1, referring to the last Book 1 epilogue page and the first Book 2 prologue page.