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# {{note|cakes}} [[LIAB 3]]  
# {{note|cakes}} [[LIAB 3]]  
# {{note|take}} [[First Intermission 20]]
# {{note|take}} [[First Intermission 20]]
# {{note|take}} [[WB2014 Digdoug - Episode 6]]
# {{note|take}} [[WB2014 Digdoug - Episode 7]]
[[Category:Proposed Canon]]
[[Category:Proposed Canon]]

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Proposed Canon

One lump or two?

Tea is a beverage Erfwordlers enjoy, particularly Royals. It's made by boiling tea leaves in a pot (or pouring the prepared tea in a serving pot), and serving it in cups while hot. It's typically accompanied with milk, sugar, lemon, and dainty cakes.[1] Drinking tea can be a very ceremonial activity, with a lot of unique customs and special tableware particular to a side. For example wine is drunk, but one does not drink tea, one 'takes' tea.[2]

Tea has only been observed to be drunk in royal sides, and by non-royals who've lived in them. Primarily Jetstone, Transylvito, Haffaton and Faq. The latter had hours-long ceremonies related to taking tea, and interestingly then princess Jillian Zamussels popped knowing it perfectly. Because of her warrior nature she had negative opinions of it, though other royals like Prince Ansom quite liked it.

Like wine, drinking tea is often a social activity, albeit the tone associated is more formal and high brow. Not all royal sides drink tea, Goodminton had a preference for Chocolate, and Homekey for Coffee. Characters from tea drinking sides remark on this, or prefer tea over said beverages. If tea is like coffee, it needs to be harvested in cities near special terrain and shipped inland.[3]


The tea ceremony is one of many ways royals can tell each other apart from "common" non-royals. It may serve as a means of discriminating socially.


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