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A Tchotchke unicorn (left) and cat (right) preparing for a mission with Sir Webinar (center).
Class: Heavy Unit
Special: Mount

Proposed Canon

Tchotchke is a non-humanoid unit resembling a transparent glass animal.Erf-b1-p009Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p010Same-site.PNG

Known varieties include unicorns, catsErf-b1-p010Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p025Same-site.PNG, and giraffesErf-b1-p097Same-site.PNG.

Tchotchkes (at least of unicorn variety) can be used as a mount.Erf-b1-p025Same-site.PNG

Tchotchkes are Heavy Units Erf-b1-p009Same-site.PNG, but can still enter tunnels Erf-b1-p097Same-site.PNG.

Tchotchkes are Dollamancy-created units.LIAB Text 30

First Appearance



Known Users

Royal Crown Coalition - probably Jetstone since tchotchkes are present in the attack on the Gobwin Knob tunnels, in which only Jetstone and Marbit forces were supposed to take part.Erf-b1-p097Same-site.PNG. A tchotchke was also used as a mount by Webinar on one occasion.Erf-b1-p025Same-site.PNG

Gobwin Knob - now has some Decrypted TchotchkesErf-b1.5-p033Same-site.PNG

Real World Reference

A glass unicorn may be a reference to the play "The Glass Menagerie."

Tcotchke is a word in Yiddish (of Slavic origin) meaning "trinket" or "toy".

It is often used to specifically refer to cheap trinkets of no real use and having only minor aesthetic value. The glass animals commonly sold in gift shops meet this definition of Tcotchke.