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Should we really include FAQ in the Siege? Having retreated out of the battle they probably no longer count as major allies. --Darakat 11:40, 18 January 2011 (UTC)

I would say something to the effect that Faq retreated after the battle at the bridge, and was out of the battle space by the time the fighting started back up.
Its hard to say if they really are out of the battle space. They could apparently hit two cities that turn and last we knew they were hitting their first. Its possible they might still have the move to make it back if Jetstone sent them word. They were involved in the initial turn of the battle so thats why I left their forces listed there. If they can't or don't return this turn and the battle isn't over this turn, then its possible that they might break alliance and return to Jetstone the next day since their turn would be before Gobwin Knob's... I wonder if units can keep fighting through the night when its nobody's turn, provided they don't have to move. I removed Haggar's forces since he hasn't taken any part in this fight yet, but Underpants may well turn the remaining troops around and return to assist Jetstone next turn if help is called for --Charles