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Anyone think that Gillian is fixing provisions because she's a side without a treasury to pop rations?

Jillian has a purse with an upper limit of 9000 Shmuckers. She spent most of what she had on a Thinkagram to her boyfriend, so she's running a little low. Add the fact that she still has 2-3 gwiffons to pay upkeep on, she probably would like to cut costs as much as possible. Commander I. Heartly Noah
They have provisions for everyone. We can't draw too many conclusions with the Transylvtians knowing to expect provisions prepared for them and Jillian not aware. Remember, she has spent most of her existence outside her own Side's borders. Her time in Faq was simply too short compared to her long history as a Mercenary, so she isn't going to think like a Unit with a home. Other Sided Units on extended leave or in enemy territory might act exactly like her.--Kreistor 15:51, 13 July 2009 (UTC)