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who ever made this page wins. that is all.

That would be User:Commander I. Heartly Noah and User:NemFX. Miment 18:46, 18 November 2009 (UTC)

Pairings and Possible Pairings

To avoid an edit war.. Talking here - there seems to be a few unconfirmed entries in these lists.

Known pairings are parings for which there nookie is directly implied by the characters or for which we have "Fade-to-black" evidence in the comic. IE: Wanda and Jillian

Possible is "It makes sense, but we have no real proof", Possible does not mean "It could be imagined that they had nookie". IE: Maggie and Sizemore they could fall under known pairings, but all we have is a throaway line that their linking was enjoyable for both of them

The following have no basis at all in the comic and should probably be removed unless they've been revealed. Jillian & Three Edged Ace and Cubbins Olive and Wanda