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Matter in Magic

Stuffamancy (Matter) Controlling the matter of Erf, changing matter in impossible ways with Fate magic, multiplying matter.

Hippiemancy (with Life) Matter, life, + Erf: Plants, quiet, stillness; +Fate: matter to preserve life; +Numbers: ??

Naughtymancy (with Motion) Manipulation of matter on erf, using Fate to animate the dead, Removing numbers or matter?

Stagemancy (with both) Transmitting information or matter, Manipulating matter with Fate?, Live Motion of Matter in certain patten= song?

Absence of Matter

Hocus Pocus: (Life) Observation, not interaction.

Spookism (Motion) Movement that doesn't alter matter?

Eyemancy: (both) Mental, not tangible.

Clevermancy (none) Something from nothing.

Commander I. Heartly Noah June 3 2009