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Whose Turn Is It?

I think it's still GK's turn, but it may be Jetstone's. Arguments for each side: discuss. Jorgath 14:18, 18 December 2009 (UTC)

Can anyone point to anything done by either Transylvito or Faq or Jetstone that could only have been done on their turn? I think Jetstone have only used hat magic which I suspect does not count. As I understand it Transylvito have because they have used Thinkamancy. But that may actually have been slightly out of sequence. --Asparagus2 14:46, 18 December 2009 (UTC)

I believe it is still GK turn; Jetstone is blocked by the hex boundary on the bridge still; if it was their turn, and they weren't going across, it would have at least been addressed by now. User:Commander I. Heartly Noah

Yes that is what I think. For a start why would GK end their turn now? It is conceivable but I don't think they would do that without consulting Parson, which I think we would see. However I think if it is GK's turn, I don't think Bunny would be able to send a Thinkagram to a bat in Spacerock. It also raises questions how Spacerock communicates with the forces by the bridge. --Asparagus2 16:41, 18 December 2009 (UTC)

It's not 100% clear it is a Thinkagram that does that - just that it's the "juice cost" of a thinkagram. Since these are bats, which you can see through normally within 20 hexes or so, there may be a special non-spell tweak, or maybe the spell can be cast in the previous turn and lasts until the next turn? CIHN

Real World Reference

Perhaps the connection is too slight, but might Tramennis's request to have his nose scratched be a reference to Mark Twain's "The Prince and Pauper" (the seventh chapter of which satirizes court etiquette over an itchy nose)?