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"Heavy units pop in ruins"

GK wasn't a ruin; it was a heavily damaged city with a low level. -- DevilDan

DevilDan: yes, but the page for the Ruins terrain type mentions that sometimes units pop there, often groups of heavies.

The bigger they are, the lighter they fall?

Bit of speculation here: Heavy units are more likely to survive falls. Evidence for this includes Bogroll's survival of tackling Ansom off the tower, and Parson's minimal damage from crashing a dwagon into the courtyard. Now for the wild speculation! This hardiness, combined with the conflicting nerf of being unable to ride mounts, means that a unit on a flying mount will be forced in to a rough landing. They'll get banged up, but they WILL be on the ground again, wherever they are. Even if it's an enemy city. And it's not their turn. --No one in particular

  • My hypothesis is that mounted units promoted to heavy teleport to the nearest ground. No falling or anything between the states of flying and grounded. Erfworld doesn't do "inbetween" very well. --Paper Golem 03:49, 14 December 2010 (UTC)
  • This seems unlikely given the image for the latest klog, with all the recently promoted hobgobwins still in the air. Maybe that's just because they're over enemy territory, though? Oh, or maybe being Heavy just means that you can't lift off. Hard to say, really, with all the factors. Off turn, enemy territory, promoted rather than naturally heavy... yeesh. --No one in particular