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"Heavy units pop in ruins"

GK wasn't a ruin; it was a heavily damaged city with a low level. -- DevilDan

DevilDan: yes, but the page for the Ruins terrain type mentions that sometimes units pop there, often groups of heavies.

The bigger they are, the lighter they fall?

Bit of speculation here: Heavy units are more likely to survive falls. Evidence for this includes Bogroll's survival of tackling Ansom off the tower, and Parson's minimal damage from crashing a dwagon into the courtyard. Now for the wild speculation! This hardiness, combined with the conflicting nerf of being unable to ride mounts, means that a unit on a flying mount will be forced in to a rough landing. They'll get banged up, but they WILL be on the ground again, wherever they are. Even if it's an enemy city. And it's not their turn. - No one in particular

  • My hypothesis is that mounted units promoted to heavy teleport to the nearest ground. No falling or anything between the states of flying and grounded. Erfworld doesn't do "inbetween" very well. --Paper Golem 03:49, 14 December 2010 (UTC)