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I think the crap golems were detonated by a spell Sizemore cast.

I rearranged and re-captioned the pictures into what I'm 99% sure is the correct names & locations. This leaves us short a picture for cloth golems. Also made some changes to some descriptions. - Commander I. Heartly Noah May 22, 12:39

Just wondering if I am right...Is the second golem from the right in the crap golem's picture sergeant schlock from schlock mercenary? (btw i suck at wikis so no fancy user name)

Battle bears are a type of cloth golem chaps - reference added.

I see no reference there. Nothing about Battle Bears at all. And I note it's written by SteveMB, not Rob Balder. I'm going to strip that out, unless someone can provide a reliable source for Battle Bears = Cloth Golems. (Note: Gwiffons are Marshmallow Peeps in the Real World: that doesn't make them Candy Golems.) --Kreistor 04:43, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

Page 9, Ansom gives orders for Webinar to get some heavies together. "Heavy cav, sourmanders, tchotchkes, cloth golems..." Page 10, Webinar has a sourmander, 2 crystal animals (tchotchkes?), two "battle bears," and a stuffed giraffe and elephant. The battle bears, giraffe, and elephant are all stuffed animals, stitched together - likely "cloth golems," especially given the choices on page 9. Note "Battle Bears" weren't mentioned as a choice. From this, I submit that Battle Bears are a sub-class of Cloth Golem. And I only give that much because they can throw rocks, which other cloth golems can't do. Commander I. Heartly Noah July 2, 2009

The reference to cloth golems with battle bears as a subtype is the second entry under 'Unit Types', just below the big, random blank section ... it may not be official canon, but it would seem to have 'notability'.