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I think the crap golems were detonated by a spell Sizemore cast.

I rearranged and re-captioned the pictures into what I'm 99% sure is the correct names & locations. This leaves us short a picture for cloth golems. Also made some changes to some descriptions. - Commander I. Heartly Noah May 22, 12:39

Just wondering if I am right...Is the second golem from the right in the crap golem's picture sergeant schlock from schlock mercenary? (btw i suck at wikis so no fancy user name)

Battle bears are a type of cloth golem chaps - reference added.

I see no reference there. Nothing about Battle Bears at all. And I note it's written by SteveMB, not Rob Balder. I'm going to strip that out, unless someone can provide a reliable source for Battle Bears = Cloth Golems. (Note: Gwiffons are Marshmallow Peeps in the Real World: that doesn't make them Candy Golems.) --Kreistor 04:43, 2 July 2009 (UTC)