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"Jillian informed Ansom that Faq could only be accessed by air, or through tunnels. Unless she was exaggerating, not even Mountain Units like the Western Giants can reach Faq through the Gap on foot, which suggests that the Faq Gap is composed of High Mountains rather than ordinary Mountains.

Impassable Mountains are a Terrain Type which cannot be passed even by flying Units. It's clear that there must be at least two places in the Mountains surrounding Faq where fliers can pass, because fliers from Transylvito used to pass through [Faq]] airspace on the way to somewhere else."

Jillian might have been speaking generally, or might not have known about mountain-capable units. Or, the gap is regular mountains. Either way, we know the giants can cross the mountains/high mountains (though not the Impassable ones). We also know the Gap is the only one of its type because a) Jillian calls it "the" gap, and b) a warlord is sent to defend it, and no other warlord (3 available) was sent to defend another such gap. As far as Transylvito units passing over the kingdom, I'm not sure that "Faq airspace" doesn't cover a greater area than the impassable mountain ring; also, they might have peeked in the gap and decided there was nothing there and come back out. CIHN

Okay, this is how it works. If someone pulls off your material and corrects it or says it doesn't belong, you discuss it here. I may be wrong about something here, and I would be happy to see some evidence of that. But the newest information we have is that Giants can get into the kingdom on their own. There is a "the" gap. There are tunnels. Transylvitians are under the impression that they travelled through that area all the time and nothing was there. But that was with Jack Snipe letting them believe that. So what if mountaing-capable units can get in? 1st, they have to want to go there (why would they want to?) and even if they did, they'd see nothing, leading to more "why would you want to go there?"

I leave your most salient argument in Spec as a concession, mystery man; I also combat it. CIHN

Ok, Heartly Noah, I apologize if I've offended you. But have you read what I put in Faq Gap's Proposed Canon?

"The Faq Gap is a break of Mountains or High Mountains in the ring of Impassable Mountains surrounding the Kingdom of Faq. Through this hex, a group of flying units and possibly mountain-capable units may enter or exit the kingdom. It forms at least one of the natural choke points into and out of the kingdom. (Another being the Tunnels through the mountains)."

I tried in that paragraph to make it clear that there is still some uncertainty here about whether mountain-capable units can enter Faq on foot or not. That's why I said the mountains in the Faq Gap might be mountains, or they might be high mountains, and why I said it was possible that mountain-capable units could enter. It's true that we can't be sure that Jillian was right when she said that Faq could only be entered by air or by tunnels. But without evidence to the contrary, can we casually dismiss her statement? Particularly when it makes it easier to understand how Faq's existence could be a complete secret?

We agree that some Mountain Giants have gotten into Faq. But did they walk in, or were they carried by Megalogiffs? If that's been answered already, then I missed it, and I'd really appreciate it if you could point out the part I missed.

Look, I think we can agree on certain things. Would you agree that Mountain Units can cross Mountains, but can't cross Impassable Mountains? And that High Mountains are a Terrain Type that is tougher to cross than Mountains, but not as hard to cross as Impassable Mountains?

So can Mountain Units cross High Mountains, or would they need to be High Mountain Units to do that? If you've seen some statement in the comic that answers that question, then I'm obviously in the wrong here, and I'll let whatever you want to write about this issue stand unchanged.

Regarding the issue of how many gaps there might be in the Mountains, again I thought I was being really careful not to make any big, dogmatic statements about an issue the comic haven't really gotten into yet. I thought that the reason why Jack needed the help of a Predictamancer was because he sometimes had to Veil the city of Faq, but sometimes had to veil one of the other cities, depending on where travelers through Faq were heading. That suggests to me that there might be three or more gaps in the Mountains, but I tried to be careful and say only that there were at least two. Yes, I know Jillian calls it "the Gap", which you take to mean that it's singular. If there are other weak points in the mountains, might they possibly be called something other than "the Gap"? I'm guessing, but could one be "the Big Tunnel", a tunnel so big flying units can fly though it? Or "the Ravine", "the Pass", or the "the Gateway?"

Again, I don't know, which is why I tried to make it clear we're not absolutely clear how many choke points there are in or out of Faq. If you know, I'd be very happy to hear the answers.