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Hey, how do folks think this should be set up, anyway? Keep it chronological, or should we break it up in to sections like Units, Mounts, Sides & Allies? - No one in particular

I would say by point of origin. Like how the Jetstone people all have different eyes than the ones poped in say... Faq. Characters with out a known point of origin should be grouped with the side they are with. Generic units can either be in with a side (if they appear to be unique to that side, i.e. we've only seen Faq with Megalowiffs, only Charlie is known to pop Archons) or in a separate category. Miment 00:27, 7 January 2011 (UTC)
Yeah, possibly arrange by side for side specific units, then by descriptive groups for natural ally units. So headings for Jetstone, Gobwin Knob, Haggar and maybe Unaroyal if there are enough examples. Then a sub-heading for "Other" where there's only really one example of the side's eye colour. After that, another major heading for natural ally units which can obviously belong to multiple sides. Elves (and list the various elf types and eyes), Marbits, Gobwins, Hobgobwins, Bats, witches (and list the various witch types and eyes). Not sure where you would put Magick Kingdom... Probably a third heading for that as its likely to get long. charles
I would think that the Magic Kingdom would just be under the Sides division. I mean, it may not engage in fighting, but it's still an independent faction. - No one in particular