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I didn't want to edit directly because I'm not sure I should for this, but under speculation: Caster Creation, "Casters cannot be popped," on page 78 of book 1 Sizemore mentioned he was popped under Saline IV. While there may be more possibilities, the obvious implication is that he was popped by Gobwin Knob.

The line is "cannot be popped intentionally." When a side pops a warlord, there is a small percentage chance they get a caster instead. - user:Commander I. Heartly Noah


Hypothetically, if a barbarian caster found an unused capital site (Like FAQ used to be) or an unused city, could a caster become an Overlord? We know that Barbarian warlords can, and we know that casters are basically warlords without a leadership ability. So if this is true, what kind of bonuses could a Caster have as a faction leader? - Jedifreak

It's an interesting question. My guess is no, but it would be cool if so. - CIHN
Now that I think about it, perhaps that is what Charlie is. - Jedifreak

Outright speculation from the main page

Moved from the main page (posted by an anonymous user): "It may be possible to intentionally pop a caster through a link up of some combination of Luckimancer, Turnimancer, Carnymancer and/or Moneymancer, but more information is need about those schools to be sure of this." --Muzzafar 02:45, 27 November 2011 (EST)

Redirect from Casters

If it makes sense to the local environs, please consider making a redirect from a "Casters" page to the Casters list here -- or moving the list to the plural Casters page. "Casters" is the page I looked for first, only to find it didn't exist. ONly found this one when doing a search. 14:37, 21 July 2012 (EDT)