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Uhm... why does this page exist? Are we writing a dictionary? It's just a campfire. It provides heat. It cooks food. It needs wood for fuel. So why does this page exist? --Kreistor 00:36, 11 July 2009 (UTC)

It's not like it's just air (weather?) or the ground (terrain type) or wildlife (non-unit animals) or anything. This is something that gets made by units, presumably. It has existed in cities and in the field. Characters have made note of its absence. It cooks food - when most food comes pre-prepared. Can anyone make a fire? What benefits does it offer? What cost? Do you not heal fully in the field without one? If in the mountains without one, do you lose hits to the cold? We know a city just poofs 5 levels for Shmuckers, but we don't know how fires work. Why not have this page? Commander I. Heartly Noah