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Guide for editing this page

  • Please do not include on this page any apparent mistakes that also appear in the online version of the comic. Differences in the location and size of word bubbles do not need to be listed here, either, unless the changes affect line order.
  • Keep all changes in order.
  • A line is a sentence. Whenever a line has been changed, list the line as it appears in the print book. However, if a line has been removed, list the original line.
  • Page numbers should refer to the page numbers in the print version.
  • Line numbers, however, should refer to line numbers in the online version.
  • Put "ERROR?" before a change that you believe is an error.
  • If you are going to work through a block of pages, please update the progress section here before starting, and after finishing, so we don't have multiple people doing the same work.


  • Add links.
  • Create pages for the bonus pages, like normal comic pages. However, Rob doesn't want these to have any images. Panel descriptions and text are fine, though.
  • Possibly get Rob to look through and mark which changes were unintentional.
  • Add to the respective wiki pages for each panel/page the alternate text.
  • Make the page look nicer.


All differences have been added.

Added Pages 41, 47, 138, 143, 138, 149, & 159 to the list. The first of those seems to have a mistake, where as the rest are original content found only in the hard copy. ~Telva

How would someone who doesn't have the print copy know what was on the added pages ?

Rob has given permission for the text and panel descriptions to be added to the wiki. He doesn't want the actual graphics uploaded, though. They're incentive to buy the print copy.