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"Stanley's surprise abut Wanda being attuned to the Arkenpliers not being a Warlord suggests that previously only Warlords have attuned to the Arkentools or that it was unusual for other units to do."

Well we already know that the only two people to attune were Overlords - Charlie and Stanley. Even without Charlie, Stanley would probably assume that only he, or at least someone like him, or one of his hand-picked "dashing and handsome" warlords could do it. But I don't think it needs to be speculated on. Commander I. Heartly Noah June 12 2009 15:05 (UTC)

  • "the only two people to attune"? More like the only ones we have already seen. The fourth Arkentool might be already attuned to someone, and the known Arkentools don't need to be attuned to someone for the first time. Surely it happened before in the history of Erfworld.
    • So? We don't know that. This is something that will have to wait for a big reveal.Xewleer 22:40, 13 June 2009 (UTC)
      • This would seem to imply that Charlie was a warlord (rather than a Thinkamancer) before he became an overlord. He may have also gone the Chief Warlord -> Heir -> Ruler route. Alternatively, maybe Charlie popped as a barbarian warlord. He doesn't seem to have a capital city, it is just a hidden fortress in the mountains. --Raphfrk 00:00, 14 June 2009 (UTC)

"It is not known whether there exist any Arkentoys."

Or Arkensandwiches, Arkenbuses, or Arkenbeds. Seriously, this makes no sense and serves no purpose. It's not even funny. I'll admit, though, that I just really don't like it, so if anyone other than the guy who wrote it thinks it belongs on the page, go ahead and put it back. Commander I. Heartly Noah June 12 2009 15:05 (UTC)

OOOPS. I did not intend to alter Canon. Apologies. Already undid that. --Kreistor 17:30, 27 June 2009 (UTC)

Arkenhammer Associated Discipline


Both the Arkendish and the Arkenpliers share an additional link: their respective magic class of Eyemancy and Naughtymancy both include Motion as an element, along with two others: Stagemancy and Spookism. If the Arkenhammer uses Carnymancy as is speculated, than the fourth Arkentool could be implied to be from Dollamancy. Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG

Link is obviously bad. 038 is Wanda and Jillian in the torture room. So, who wants to explain this Speculative link to Carnymancy to me? Is it just, "We want them all to associate to Fate, so we picked this at random"? If so, explain why I should be ignoring the blatantly obvious Shockmancy Stanley uses on Caesar, please. Spec is cool and all, but let's not place Spec over clear and obvious evidence. It's not what you want it to be, just because the alternative is inelegant. The link to Shockmancy is clear and obvious to me. It's powerful and should not exist in a Warlord, so it has to come from somewhere. We're looking for something as powerful as Charlie's Thinkamancy and Wanda's Croakamancy. Pigeons and Walnuts ain't gonna match it. And this is Stanley we're talking about. If he had something as Powerful as either of those, he could never hold back using it anytime it was possible, despite its appropriateness. He's got Self-esteem issues and has to constantly toot his own horn and show off. Further, the association of Shockmancy with Dwagons is clear: blast and brreath weapons are eerily identical. Archons can use Thinkamancy.Decrypted are advanced Uncroaked. Another parallel. So, let's see something solid if you're going to ignore power... --Kreistor 01:34, 1 July 2009 (UTC)