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Book (TBFGK)
Page by page (97)
Panel by panel (97:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:7 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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TBFGK 97.jpg
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Panels: 9
Previous TBFGK 96 Next TBFGK 98 [edit]

Panel 1

A panoramic view shows the entire volcano that Gobwin Knob is built atop. The entire caldera shines with reflected red and yellow light as the beam blasts into the sky. In the foreground, the front of the Coalition column begins to climb the long road to the city.[edit]

Sound: FR-DOOM


Panel 2

Webinar rushes towards Ansom as he watches the destruction. In the background, a sourmander waits.[edit]

Sir Webinar: Is a change of plans now called for, Highness?

Prince Ansom: No.

Panel 3

Webinar looks agitated as he tries to convince an increasingly angry Ansom that this event is a cause for concern.[edit]

Sir Webinar: So then you know what that action was all about?

You never mentioned...

Prince Ansom: Sir Webinar.

That is Commander Zamussels' mission.

Any engagements happen at her sole discretion.

Panel 4

Ansom drags his flying carpet forward with Webinar walking on his right. Another trooper follows.[edit]

Sir Webinar: Mmf. I've experessed my doubts about her, Highness.

Prince Ansom: Yes. But you should no more question my trust in her leadership than my trust in your own.

Panel 5

A formation of units march into a cave. The entrance is shaped like a monstrous face with glowing red eyes and a gaping mouth. At the front of the group are two sourmanders, followed by a stream of foot troopers.[edit]

Sir Webinar: But Your Highness, I...

Prince Ansom: You question that as well.

Panel 6

The scene shows Webinar, atop the foremost sourmander, as he enters the tunnels. He is followed by a mass of Jetstone troops.[edit]

Sir Webinar: I'm certainly honored to be charged with leading the bulk of our forces.

But once more I must point out that there are Warlords with much higher leadership among our allies.

Panel 7

A large mass of Jetstone human and marbit troopers fill the cavern. The viewpoint is deep in the tunnel, with the entrance far in the distance.[edit]
Prince Ansom: No. I want only Jetstone and Marbit forces in those tunnels. [edit]

Panel 8

The Unaroyal Warlord and Duke Nozzle talk to each other as they march beside the column. Battle Bears push siege towers while infantry march between them or are carried on the towers.[edit]

Sir Webinar: But the Allied Commanders seem unhappy with this plan...

Prince Ansom: They'll be happy enough to return home without casualties, after you've seized the city from below.

Panel 9

A closer view of the forces being sent into the tunnels shows Webinar astride his sourmander. His expression is that of a man going to his doom. Dora, with a similar unhappy expression, flanks him on the left. Behind them Jetstone and Marbit forces march forward into the tunnels.[edit]

Prince Ansom: You have your orders, Webinar, and my faith.

You can do this.