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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:7
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Parson looks at Maggie suspiciously.


Parson Gotti: Maggie, at this point I'm expecting him to be a tuna.[1]

But unless we can divide the Coalition, we have no chance to survive make our time.[2]

Maggie: Sorry, make our...?

Parson Gotti: We are on the way to destruction! Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

  1. ^ A reference to the StarKist advertising mascot "Charlie the Tuna"
  2. ^ Parson is quoting from "All Your Base Are Belong To Us". The game Zero Wing begins with a cutscene in which a gloating enemy explains that his side has conquered most Earth forces (except the protagonist's ship). The game was released to the US market with a comically bad translation of this cutscene (in which the enemy declares that "All your base are belong to us"), which became an Internet meme in the early 2000s.