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Book (TBFGK)
Page by page (116)
Panel by panel (116:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:8 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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TBFGK 116.jpg
TBFGK 116a.jpg

Panels: 10
Previous TBFGK 115 Next TBFGK 116a [edit]

Panel 1

Jack glances wistfully over his shoulder.[edit]

Jack Snipe: Love is the wisdom of the fool.

And the folly of the wise.[1]

Panel 2

Stanley leans forward, his attention focused on guiding his dwagon mount, as Jack sits behind him and continues to look back.[edit]

Stanley the Tool:I thought you were better.

Jack Snipe: I am better.

And worse.

Panel 3

Jack and Stanley are seen in profile, Jack looking off to the side as Stanley holds the Arkenhammer in front of him. In the background, a blue dwagon and its KISS rider fly alongside them.[edit]

Jack Snipe: I am sorry, my Lord. I wasn't right in the mind.

Stanley the Tool: S'arright, kid.


You saved our lives. You get a pass.

Panel 4

A half-dozen dwagons are seen from below, with the red dwagon ridden by Stanley and Jack at the lead of the group.[edit]

Stanley the Tool: I have no idea what the Titans want me to do now, though.


Jack Snipe: Well...

Panel 5

Jack looks ahead and points forward with his left arm. In front of him, Stanley holds the Arkenhammer and looks down at it as if expecting it to provide him a sign.[edit]

Jack Snipe: If I may be so bold... we are already heading east.

Stanley the Tool: Yeah.

Not sure how that happened.

Panel 6

The half-dozen dwagons are seen from a distance. The empty sky around them indicates that they and their riders are all Stanley has left after the fight at the choke point.[edit]

Jack Snipe: I think the Titans have just said quite loudly that we ought never to have left home.

Stanley the Tool: I suppose.

Hey, um...

That was the same barbarian we captured before, right?

Panel 7

The scene shifts back to Gobwin Knob. Wanda walks down a tunnel, among the bodies of the croaked Jetstone and marbit invaders. She wears a hooded black robe that covers her completely, and carries a staff topped by a curly-horned skull.[edit]
Parson Gotti: I asked Wanda how many units she could uncroak on a turn. She explained it this way. "Croakamancy comes from the mind." [edit]

Panel 8

Wanda stands in the background, her staff raised above her head, her robe billowing upward and outward. A glow of magic energy surrounds her, suffusing the entire scene with ruddy radiance. Before her, hundreds of former enemy troops rise as uncroaked. In particular, Sir Webinar and Dora can be seen at the front of the group. Each of the figures in the front row has a bright streak of red-tinged energy across the torso. The portion of the Jetstone radish emblem below this line has been replaced by Parson's Hamstard livery.[edit]

Parson Gotti: The more time and attention the caster spends uncroaking the unit, the closer it will be to its original strength and abilities when it was alive. And the more turns it lasts before degrading. So a good croakamancer can mass-animate every fallen unit in a hex, or city zone. But they'll be the weakest kind, and only last a few turns.

Wanda Firebaugh: Trioxin[2]

Panel 9

A view from outside the walls of Gobwin Knob shows hordes of defenders on the walls, still suffused with the red radiance of the uncroaking spell. Above and behind the walls, the top of the Tower of Efdup is visible, with several of Charlie's Archons hovering in airspace around it.[edit]
Parson Gotti: They'll be ours, though. And if Wanda is leading them, they'll carry her bonus. The Coalition won't want to attack this turn. If they wait, that gives me time for all sorts of stuff... siege raids, psy-ops, a deal with Charlie or someone in the Coalition. And if Ansom orders them to attack, his alliance might just crumble. I mean, if it hasn't already. How will they react when they see more than a thousand uncroaked Jetstone infantry on our walls? I really don't know. [edit]

Panel 10

Parson and Maggie look out a window of the command office, each with hands folded behind the back. A few Archons hover outside the window.[edit]

Parson Gotti: If we hear a muffled boom, it will be because Ansom has exploded.

Maggie: ...Literally?

Parson Gotti: Joking.

Maggie: Pity.