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Book (TBFGK)
Page by page (112)
Panel by panel (112:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:8 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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TBFGK 112.jpg
TBFGK 113.jpg

Panels: 11
Previous TBFGK 111 Next TBFGK 113 [edit]

Panel 1

Webinar and Dora stand injured and fighting mad before Sizemore who is cowering behind a stalagmite. Corpses of Coalition and Gobwin Knob troops lie on the ground. There is one mass of gray rock on the floor in the brown cavern.

Sir Webinar: Here's the Worm's worm, finally!

Dora: Tunneler!

Stand and be ended!

Panel 2

Sizemore points at the gray rock as a yellow ray jets into it. Webinar and Dora look at the effect, startled.[edit]
Sizemore Rockwell: Pozzolana.[1] [edit]

Panel 3

The gray rock rises to reveal that it had once been a hard rock golem. It has only one arm, but it is powerful and attacking the stunned Webinar and Dora.[edit]
Sound Effect as golem rises: creak rumble [edit]

Panel 4

A gray fist larger than the heads of Webinar and Dora combined slam the two together, warping the shapes of their skulls. Speed lines and a shock wave indicate the excessive power of the hard rock golem.[edit]
Sound effect as fist hits unfortunates: PK[2] [edit]

Panel 5

This is a close-up of Dora, who is very likely dead, in profile lying face-up in the foreground with Webinar reaching for her from nearby. In the background, the golem is out of focus.[edit]
Sir Webinar: Dora... We have done... [edit]

Panel 6

Sizemore is in profile, standing and leaning on his shovel, eyes closed and head bowed in regret.[edit]

Sir Webinar: ...our Duty![3] Eyaaaaagh!

Sizemore Rockwell: Me too, Warlord.

Panel 7

A spidew's maw gapes wide as it prepares to, perhaps, swallow a Jetstone infantryman whole.[edit]

Excerpt from an Eyebook:

ImInUrDirtz: We broke the leadership.

Panel 8

A gobwin stands with one foot on the head of a marbit, meat tenderizer raised, poised to strike.[edit]

Excerpt from an Eyebook:

ImInUrDirtz: It's turning into a rout down here.

Panel 9

Gobwin Knob is looking quite broken up. Pieces of the city are collapsing, but nothing near the garrison is changing.[edit]

Excerpts from an Eyebook:

LordHamster: Mop it all up, and seal the outside entrances.
LordHamster: Seal up the rubble in the city, too. Everything you can.

Panel 10

The entrance (looking like a face with red eyes and fangs hanging down) that Webinar's forces used to enter the Tunnels is suddenly filled with large boulders.[edit]

Parson Gotti: We gotta hurry and start Phase Two, Maggie.

If the Tool ends the turn early, we'll be hosed.


Maggie: "Lord?"

Panel 11

Parson looks up, his mouth pursed and grinning.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Another one I can say.


Hosed, hosed, hosed!