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Book (TBFGK)
Page by page (104)
Panel by panel (104:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:8 AW
Side's Turn:CharlesComm

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TBFGK 104.jpg
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Panels: 12
Previous TBFGK 103 Next TBFGK 105 [edit]

Panel 1

Eight Transylvito Vampires stand together. They are all different -- male and female, tall and short, good looking and ugly. All are wearing 1950's style clothing... leather coats, Tank tops, t-shirts, and black jeans. Their number includes Caesar Borgata, Dewy Tulips, Broadway Tony and Leather Valese. Behind them is a deep mountain valley Caesar Borgata is a blond haired vampire with red eyes. He is wearing black pants, white T-shirt, and a black, leather jacket.[edit]

Vinny Doombats: Caesar Borgata! Didn't know you'd be comin' personally.

Caesar Borgata: This all you got?

Panel 2

From further back, ten Transylvito Vampires are visible. Approaching them are the remaining air forces of the Royal Crown Coalition.[edit]

Vinny Doombats: Fraid so, Chief.

Nm' only packin' eight bats, too.

Caesar Borgata: Bats?

Bats, we got.

Panel 3

Caesar addresses Jillian. She faces him with folded arms and a stony expression.[edit]

Caesar Borgata: Fine.

You're relieved, Chickie.

Stack up and we'll end the turn.

Panel 4

Parson props his head up with one elbow resting on Stanley's desk. He is clearly in some pain. Maggie has raised her right hand, which is glowing blue, towards his temple.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Kayyy, wh'about suggestions between coalition leaders... I mean to coalition leaders...

That someone else's orders were theirs... and vice versa?

Boop, I am tired.

Maggie: Ephedra.[1]

Panel 5

Against a background of red at the border shading to yellow at Parson's head, Parson brightens up and smiles with joy and surprise.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Tshew!


Whatever that was, I needed it.

Panel 6

Bogroll has entered the scene, and he is carrying something towards Parson at the desk. Maggie remains at Parson's left side.[edit]

Parson Gotti: You shouldn't waste your juice on me, though.

Maggie: Your mind is a weapon, Lord.

Perhaps our best.

Bogroll: 'Dditional provisions, m'Lord!

Panel 7

Bogroll is placing a plate on the desk.

It has a roasted bird, some white that may be rice, an off white pile that may be beans, and some green trimmings.

Bogroll: Tide you til breakfast.

Parson Gotti: Thanks, Bogroll.

Bogroll: Don't pretend to understand why the day's started... but not our turn.

Panel 8

Parson, Maggie, and Bogroll have all turned towards the window behind the desk. Something has startled them, and caused Parson to stand.[edit]


Parson Gotti: Because it's someone else's turn, Bogroll.

Panel 9

Parson has moved to the window with Maggie close behind. They look at a swarm of distant blue-glowing figures in the airspace near the Tower of Efdup.[edit]

Parson Gotti: These guys'.

Sound: TA-DA!

Panel 10

Parson reaches for the eyebook on the desk with trepidation.[edit]
(There is no text in the panel.) [edit]

Panel 11

Parson opens the eyebook to read the incoming message.[edit]
(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: I've come up with a solution to your predicament, Parson. :) [edit]

Panel 12

A large group of Archons hover near the Tower of Efdup. Three of them carry an outstretched either-net close to the edge of the roof above the observation deck.[edit]

Sound: TA-DA!

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: Come up to the tower parapet for a moment, won't you?