Summon Perfect Warlord Spell

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The Summon Perfect Warlord Spell summoned Parson Gotti to Erfworld. The original Spell package, including both spell and casting, cost 500,000 schmuckers. Stanley, finding that the spell alone cost 350,000 Schmuckers, decided to disregard the 150,000 Schumcker Findamancer casting; he instead ordered Wanda Firebaugh to cast the spell.Erf-b1-p013Same-site.PNG It was cast by Wanda Firebaugh with interference by Stanley the PlaidErf-b1-p017Same-site.PNG.


One could argue that the entire list of things that was wanted is what they recieved:

Big - Parson is large compared to ErfWorlders.
Powerful - Depending on how you define this; he commands the army of Gobwin Knob, he might have decent stats also but that hasn't been shown yet.
Dashing - Energetic/spirited; Parson gets like that when he's winning.
Handsome - Beauty is subjective. Take that as you will.
Heroic - Standing up to Stanley, taking on a losing battle.
Inspiring - Parson gives everyone a 2+ boost in leadership, which, if I've read it correctly is for everyone on Stanley's side.
Perfect military mind - Check.
Strategic genius - Check.
Obsessed with war - Check.
Eats marbits and gwiffons - Check.

Looks like they got what they paid for.