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The name Stupid Meal comes from the first Rations Parson received in Erfworld[1]. This first meal in Erfworld was a satirical version of the McDonald's Happy Meal, and Parson liked the name so much he refers to his daily Ration as a Stupid Meal regardless of whether it is satirizing a McDonald's product[2]. So far, Parson's Rations have all been modelled on Take Out food from fast food restaurants and have been satirically named after take out food from Earth (if we are given a name).

Stupid Meals contain food and drink, a toy, and useful information. It is worth noting that, while accurate, the "useful information" is not always complete.[3]

Known Types of Stupid Meals

Erfworld Meal Earth Meal Toy Information
Stupid Meal McDonald's Happy Meal[4] 3D Glasses Erfworld Battle Rules
Taco Bell Taco[5] and "Your Brand Here" Cola[6] Mathamancy Bracer
Sword Hilt Gobwin Knob Troop Strength
Subway Sandwich[7] Sword Lower Blade Royal Crown Coalition Makeup
Luckamancy Charms General Foods Lucky Charms[8] Sword Upper Blade Abilities of Parson's Toys