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Class\Axis Erf Fate Numbers
Stuffamancy Dirtamancy Changemancy Dittomancy

Proposed Canon


Stuffamancy is one of the eight major classes of magic in Erfworld.
It is the major class defined by the Matter element alone.

Stuffamancy is the magic that provides Stuff - Weapons, Armor, Items - Stuff.

There is a debate in the Magic Kingdom over whether Stuffamancy creates Stuff or summons it from somewhere. This can also be seen as a religious debate, as the land of Erf is wholely made of Stuff. Did the Titans create Erf or summon it from elsewhere?

In First_Intermission_28, Sizemore states "That's Stuffamancy. Really versatile magic. Weapons, armor, tools... Stuffamancers just imagine it and conjure it."