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Proposed Canon

A stack is a group of units that fight together and share bonuses. To be stacked together, all units must be from the same side or its allies. A hex may contain multiple stacks.Erf-b1-p049Same-site.PNG

Any special bonuses apply to the entire stack.

Stacks without a leader are forced to auto-attack when in contact with units from non-allied capitals. With a Commander the fight can be directed, or the group can choose not to initiate a fight.Erf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG

There is an unknown maximum size to a stack.


Hexes seem to have a maximum number of units or stacks that can exist within them. Columns seem to form because there are too many units to fit within a single Hex.

The three-hex Column that retook Warchalking for Gobwin Knob contained twelve stacks, so the limit may be four or five allied stacks per hex.

It could also be that it was simply more efficient for the stacks to be separated, as their move stat was so different that, rather than slow down the fastest units to have them all arrive at the same time.

It is unknown why everyone doesn't just form massive superstacks to maximize bonuses; even if the stack bonus maxes at eight units, it seems that stack-range bonuses, such as the high stack-range component of Leadership, should be spread to as many units as possible (this strategy is touched upon in TBFGK 113). Also, stacks of nine or more units would have a buffer for their stack bonus, delaying the reduction of the bonus as the stack begins to lose units. Possible explanations include:

Perhaps the limit on maximum stack size prevents it. This reference to a "max stack" appears to suggest this.
Perhaps the bonuses only apply to the first eight units in the Stack.
Perhaps each Stack can make a single 'attack', and anything beyond the first eight units isn't counted at all - thus, while it would provide spare durability, you can maximize your damage output by keeping the stacks as small as possible with the maximum bonuses. This would include the assumption would presumably be that you can reconsolidate your stacks quickly as they suffer attrition.
Perhaps the bonuses actually decrease if a stack exceeds an optimum size.

Assuming Stanley took a max-stack to flee Gobwin Knob here Erf-b1-p077Same-site.PNG, the size for a max stack appears to be no less than 30 units:

  • 3 x Knights +
  • 1 x Stanley +
  • 1 x Jack +
  • 24 x (Group B) dwagons (assuming they all lived, minus the three killed by Ansom) +
  • 1 x Stanley's Red dwagon +
  • An unknown number of reserve dwagons.