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Magic 101
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Caster proficiency: NoviceAdeptMaster

Proposed Canon

A Spell is a magical process that allows a Caster to alter the world. The Caster formulates a desire to achieve a result, using some combination of spoken words, materials, and hand gestures. The desired result then occurs.

This either expends a certain amount of the caster's limited amount of juice for that day, or can be cast for free from a scroll.

For example, consider the "Veil" Spell. The Caster desires one thing to look like another -- a dwagon may look like a doombatErf-b1-p115Same-site.PNG, a blimpErf-b1-p081Same-site.PNG, a parade balloonErf-b1-p089Same-site.PNG, or a treeErf-b1-p144Same-site.PNG. The Caster then speaks a word "Crypsis"Erf-b1-p114Same-site.PNG. The target then appears to look like another thing.

Spells belong to different Disciplines. For instance, a spell that involves rock golems would belong to the Dirtamancy Discipline. A spell that involves the mind would belong to Thinkamancy. There are 24 Disciplines, and each Discipline has a limited number of spells.

Casting Spells

Spells almost always require the Caster to speak a word or phrase,Erf-b1-p133Same-site.PNG called a trigger wordErf-b1-p009Same-site.PNG.

Physical movements are often not necessary, except where the spell is a projected ray, or where a material component is necessary. In this case of a ray, the effect typically projects from an index finger pointed at the desired target.Erf-b1-p069Same-site.PNG , For a material component, the act involves drawing the material from wherever it is stored appears necessary, and directing the material component toward the target may also be required.Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG

Material components have rarely appeared in the comic. Some spells manipulate matter (often from the Classes that use the Matter Element), which must be present because it is the target of the spell. These materials are not consumed in the casting of the spell. (Ie. A Crap Golem is made out of crap, which Sizemore obtains from the cesspit.Erf-b1-p053Same-site.PNG) Wanda Firebaugh casts a Thinkamancy spell on the Hobgobwin knight that utilizes both material and motive components (in the form of tossing a handful of sand into the knight's face): this spell also has no verbal component.Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG

Apparently, a caster can only cast spells when it is his or her side's turn. The exception to this rule is when units from an an enemy side are in the same hex as the caster. Thus, in Book 1 Parson notes that his dwagons cannot be veiled to hide from Jillian's force, because it is not Gobwin Nob's turn. On the other hand, in Book 2 Jack can veil his dwagons on Jetstone's turn, because they are in the same hex as the Spacerock garrison.

Known Spells

  • Air defenses of Gobwin Knob
    • Type of magic unknown (possibly Shockmancy)
    • Fired with the words "ABACABB, GOURANGA, IDCLIP, XYZZY, UUDDLRLRBASS, AYBABTU, AGGRO."Erf-b1-p095Same-site.PNG
  • Archon magic attack
    • "Leverage", "Synergy", and "Paradigm" are used to designate what may be either three separate attacks or three versions of the same attackErf-b1-p069Same-site.PNG
    • Archons are also capable of making firework-like displays (limited Natural Foolamancy)
  • Displacement
    • Foolamancy
  • Golem healing
    • Cast by a Dirtamancer
    • Uses the key word "Pozzolana".Erf-b1-p112Same-site.PNG
  • Mass Uncroaking
  • Message hat spell
    • Useable by non-mancers
    • "Hoffa" sends a message
    • "Livingston" receives the messageErf-b1-p010Same-site.PNG
  • Perfect Warlord summon
  • Shockamancy attack
    • Shockamancy scroll, owned by Wanda but cast by Sizemore
    • Uses the words "Lemonparty, Tubgirl, Meatspin, Goatse" and has the sound effect "NSFW"Erf-b1-p126Same-site.PNG
  • Suggestion spell
    • Thinkamancy spell, cast using a scroll by WandaErf-b1-p30Same-site.PNG
    • Made the caster's eyes glow gold
    • A simpler, but weaker version may have been used on Mung after the interrogationErf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG
  • Cure Tiredness spell
  • Thinkagram
    • A message passed by a Thinkamancer
    • May be through a rectangle made by the Thinkamancer's fingersErf-b1-p091Same-site.PNG, or by touching the subject (in the case of contacting Charlescomm)Erf-b1-p090Same-site.PNG
  • Stun
  • Veil spells:
  • Baffle spell (seems to be one sort of Veil
    • The Foghat spell creates fog to "baffle", probably intended to reduce chances of being hit/found by attackers/spoters LIAB 36:3.
  • Turnamancy spell
    • Cast by turnamancer Vanna, apparently linked with thinkamancer Charlie of Charlescomm
    • The keyword is "Kingworld."