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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official.

This page is intended to describe potential spells and items created by Casters joined by a Thinkamancer Link-up. As the abiltiies of more Disciplines are revealed, the possible combinations will grow significantly.


This concept of this combination is that one Thinkamancer can link two more, which allows those two to link together two more Casters each, allowing a combination of five Disciplines instead of three. Although conceptually possible, Linking is described as an ability, not a spell, and as such might not be enhanced by the Link. If Linking devolves the mind to a function, and abilities are learned outside that function or if the suppression of others' individuality requires individuality of your own, then the two Linked Thinkamancers would not have access to this ability. Given the complexity of the Summon Perfect Warlord Spell, it may have required more than three Disciplines to create, and so may have been the result of a Link of this type. Given the danger of unravelling a link of only three Casters, unravelling more than three could not be anything less than suicidally dangerous.

  • Another thought is to use a thinkamancer to chain together two other links, treating each chain as a single entity, as is the nature of the linkup. this would, of course, result in a total of seven participants and like mentioned, would be suicidal to separate without entire groups of thinkmancers working together, slowly, to unravel the linkup.

Potentially, a three thinkamancer link-up could also provide thinkamancy unparalleled outside of the Arkendish. Outright mind control as opposed to suggestion spells. Vastly improved thinkagrams. Stronger resilience of the link between casters, to the level that merely mentioning their names wouldn't kill them.


  • Accurately gauge and cancel a specific fated event.
  • Create fated events yourself as the Titans do.
  • Influence the design of a unit in production, determining personality traits, appearance, and anything else Fate would decide, such as popping a caster versus a warlord and whatever random specials the unit type can pop with.


  • Change a unit into a doppelganger of another.


  • Change a unit of one type into a different type of unit.


  • This combination could create Bone and Flesh Golems from corpses unable to be uncroaked.
  • Create special tombs that can preserve bodies against decay for future use.


Thinkamancer/Croakamancer/Flower Power


  • Resurrect units croaked within the past turn as long as the body is mostly intact.


  • A Magic Item could direct shock directly to the heart of a unit that died from a failed heart (gas, death of fright, death from sudden cold), restoring it to normal life instead of uncroaking it.


  • Thinkamancy and Turnamancy allow units to be turned to a different side, while Date-a-mancy gives insight into a unit's relationships with others. A combination of the three might enable a side to turn units far more efficiently than any one of these casters separately.


  • Create a "dollhouse", or rather, a city with more automated capabilities, like elevators, indoor plumbing, and automated gun turrets.


  • This combination could find enemy Units and then sink them into the very ground they stand on from far beyond the range of any weapon.
  • It could also find various objects or areas underground, eg. gems or tunnels.

Thinkamancer/Dirtamancer/Flower Power

  • Convert terrain type to a farm.


  • Upgrade a city to be capable of self-veiling and have holographic displays.
  • Create a magic item that can map the user's current location.

Thinkamancer/Dirtamancer/Hat Magician


  • Upgrade cities at a greatly reduced cost without the casters being physically present in the cities. This link-up could be very cost-effective to a side that has many low-level cities.
  • Finding mines or other sources of gems. Making mines more productive (finding more gems, 'upgrading' gems to be worth more).
  • Modifying a terrain type to allow a city or vice versa.


  • This combination could create a Lodestone -- a natural magnet -- which could be used to point to magnetic north for navigation, or if made much more powerful, affix metal-clad Units in place or rip the metal weapons from the hands of troops.
  • Create a lightning rod to protect a city from shockamancy attacks.


  • Create a flying city, protecting it from conventional attack, save flyers and casters.


  • "Copy" Numbers rather than "stealing" them, allowing a unit to have good luck without causing bad luck for other people.



  • Give a side multiple turns in a row.
  • Could be used to massively increase rate of production, which could very well make Parson Gotti's idea for a side with zero upkeep plausible.
  • Replicate enemy units as friendlies. This could be used to disrupt an enemy in attack and defensive actions allowing for friendly troops to appear in the middle of a engagement. Clearly, the copied units would all have goatees. (see Evil Twin on Tvtropes )

Thinkamancer/Dollamancer/Hat Magician

  • Create a "transformation trinket" style magic item to quickly dress the user in adjustable armor capable of shifting itself according to mental commands.


  • Create golems that can heal golems and non-golem units.


  • Creating raiment with built in Foolamancy, such as camouflage or invisibility.

Thinkamancer/Flower Power

  • Create an Erfworld equivelant to coffee, effectively producing a ration that can apply the effect of the Thinkamancy spell that acts as a stimulant.

Thinkamancer/Flower Power/Healomancer

  • Create medicinal drugs that can be used to heal units.

Thinkamancer/Flower Power/Moneymancer

  • Create "cash crops" so that gems can be harvested in place of rations.


  • Create a "spellbook" magic item, which would function similarly to a scroll, except that it would have multiple pages for multiple spells, cost juice, and be reusable.
  • Create a magic item that can abstract spells into a "programming language" of sorts, making it easier for casters to develop spells involving different disciplines.

Thinkamancer/Hat Magician

  • Create a special type of thinking cap/message hat that can be used to transmit thinkagrams and make caster links more stable.

Thinkamancer/Hat Magician/Moneymancer

Thinkamancer/Hat Magician/Rhyme-o-mancer

  • Create a magic hat that assists the wearer in using Rhyme-o-mancy or even playing Rhyme-o-mancy on its own, using the associated bonus to improve leadership or spellcasting.


  • Spend schmuckers to produce more good luck for the side.


  • Mathamancy seems to be based on predicting the general likelyhood of an event, while Predictamancy seems to be based on peering into the Titans' great plan. It has been suggested that not everything is predetermined and a prophecy can be fulfilled in multiple ways. A combination of the two might be able to accurately determine the optimal path to achieve a prediction.