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* Data mining; I.E., Extrapolate useful patterns from vast quantities of data. For example, through long study in the [[library]] of his side, [[Lord Crush]] discovered that long, stable alliances have a tendency to fall to betrayal, with the betrayer itself falling to the side it betrayed them to. This caster link could make similar discoveries by being fed data with a Thinkamancy enhanced library or something of a similar nature.
* Data mining; I.E., extrapolate useful patterns from vast quantities of data. For example, through long study in the [[library]] of his side, [[Lord Crush]] discovered that long, stable alliances have a tendency to fall to betrayal, with the betrayer itself falling to the side it betrayed them to. This caster link could make similar discoveries by being fed data with a Thinkamancy enhanced library or something of a similar nature.

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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official.

This page is intended to describe potential spells and items created by Casters joined by a Thinkamancer Link-up. As the abiltiies of more Disciplines are revealed, the possible combinations will grow significantly.



This concept of this combination is that one Thinkamancer can link two more, which allows those two to link together two more Casters each, allowing a combination of five Disciplines instead of three. Although conceptually possible, Linking is described as an ability, not a spell, and as such might not be enhanced by the Link. If Linking devolves the mind to a function, and abilities are learned outside that function or if the suppression of others' individuality requires individuality of your own, then the two Linked Thinkamancers would not have access to this ability. Given the complexity of the Summon Perfect Warlord Spell, it may have required more than three Disciplines to create, and so may have been the result of a Link of this type. Given the danger of unravelling a link of only three Casters, unravelling more than three could not be anything less than suicidally dangerous.

  • Another thought is to use a thinkamancer to chain together two other links, treating each chain as a single entity, as is the nature of the linkup. this would, of course, result in a total of seven participants and like mentioned, would be suicidal to separate without entire groups of thinkmancers working together, slowly, to unravel the linkup.

Potentially, a three thinkamancer link-up could also provide thinkamancy unparalleled outside of the Arkendish. Outright mind control as opposed to suggestion spells. Vastly improved thinkagrams. Stronger resilience of the link between casters, to the level that merely mentioning their names wouldn't kill them.


Thus far, linkups have only been formed between casters. Forming a linkup between a Thinkamancer and a Warlord, or at least, some equivalent to a linkup, probably isn't even possible under normal circumstances. It should be noted however, that Warlords and Casters are popped in the same way, and that at least one warlord, Parson Gotti, has been strongly hinted to be dual classed, qualifying as a caster of some kind. If there is a way to link a warlord with a Thinkamancer, or at least create a dual class Thinkamancer/Warlord, it would open up all kinds of possibilities.

  • Transmit the Warlord's leadership bonus across more units, as well as distant ones in a far away hex.
  • Create a magic item that gives the wearing unit access to the Warlord's skill, making it self led and possibly giving a bonus to experience until the unit reaches the Warlord's own level.



  • Love is said to be a form of natural Thinkamancy. Hippiemancy has some minor effects on love, but cannot create "true" love. Love is also said to mess up the dice, which may be a form of natural Carnymancy. No known spell can directly manipulate love, but the combined effects of these 3 disciplines might be able to what normal spells cannot.
    • Amplify love's ability to defy the laws of Erfworld.
    • Strengthening the bond between a compatible pairing and increasing their chances of getting together.
    • Manipulate an incompatible pairing into falling into a twisted, destructive mockery of love.


  • Create a city where it would not normaly be possible (not a city location)
  • Change terrain type
  • Create Wile E. Coyote styled trap (painted tunnel and such)
  • Create a Capital on a normal city site
  • Change the rules in one hex: like the magic kingdom which function very differently than other hexes
  • Create pit trap on innapropriate terrain (water or the middle of the sky)


  • Create a "scape goat" to take the consequences of a bad prediction in place of the original target.


  • Allow a unit to become completely invisible instead of just disguised, obscured, or displaced like what Foolamancy is normally limited to.
  • Ward an area with an effect that prevents units from reaching said area and gets them turned around no matter how hard they try. Alternatively, could be used to create a prison that prevents units from leaving in the same fashion.
  • Foolamancy can simulate touch, and yet is presumably unable to inflict damage. This caster link might enable the casters to manipulate that rule and blur the difference between reality and illusion, allowing injuries to be reduced to Foolamancy and conversely enabling Foolamancy to impact more than just the senses.

Thinkamancer/Carnymancer/Hat Magician


  • Steal another side's good luck.


  • Prove that 1 = 0.


  • Influence the design of a unit in production, determining personality traits, appearance, and anything else Fate would decide, such as popping a caster versus a warlord and whatever random specials the unit type can pop with.


  • Accurately gauge and cancel a specific fated event or ensure that the prediction manifests in your favor.
  • Create fated events yourself as the Titans do.
  • Pit two incompatible Fates against one another.


  • Negate a magically enforced contract for one turn.


  • Allow a unit to enter "god mode", attaining invincibility from all conventional attacks for one turn.


  • Change terrain type.
  • Petrify enemy units.
  • A retconjuration reveals that Changemancy is very similar to Dirtamancy, except it focuses on finer details with smaller objects and is unable to create new units. As such, this linkup might allow for a far more sophisticated and magically advanced city to be designed than by Dirtamancy alone.


  • Change a unit into a doppelganger of another.
  • Create permanent duplicates of existing items.


  • Create clothes or tools capable of shifting form according the the user's needs.


  • Create GM crops.
  • Create an optimal fertilizer to improve plant growth. It might then be possible to use a subsequent linkup between the Changemancer and a Dirtamancer to modify a farm hex to use the same formula and add a bonus to the production of rations.


  • Repair long term damage, such as that caused by the heroine buds.


  • Directly convert schmuckers into other things and vice versa.


  • Change a unit of one type into a different type of unit.
  • Turn heir into frogs or vice versa.


  • This combination could create Bone and Flesh Golems from corpses unable to be uncroaked.
  • Create special coffins that can preserve bodies against decay for future use.
  • Create a "Death metal golem", an elite version of the metal golem, possibly capable of using basic Shockamancy or applying status effects on enemy units.


  • uncroaking cloth golem. Creating flesh golems (with corpses that are already beyond being uncroaked)?
  • Create a voodoo doll, which could be bound by Thinkamancy to some enemy unit, exert a level of control over them, and via Croakamancy, torture them.
  • Create a "mummy" uncroaked unit, which would not decay like a regular uncroaked.
  • Create a weapon, such as a scythe or skull staff, capable of launching finely tuned shockamancy bolts.


  • Give living units zero upkeep in much the same way as Uncroaked and Decrypted.
  • Create plagues, maybe even an uncroaking plague. The casting would likely resemble a certain piece of children's Rhyme-o-mancy.
  • Create a flower that kinetically releases an attack in all directions. This flower might be referred to as a "Death Blossom".


  • Create a magic item that can incapacitate units, trapping their minds in an illusion.
  • Create a "feign death" spell or magic item to send a unit into something similar to death, except that it is only temporary. This could be used to trick enemies or perhaps be used as a loophole around contracts that are meant to last until death.


  • Resurrect units croaked within the past turn as long as the head is mostly intact.
  • Significantly slow down the decaying process of uncroaked units.


  • Depop corpses for gems.


  • A Magic Item could direct shock directly to the heart of a unit that died from a failed heart (gas, death of fright, death from sudden cold), restoring it to normal life instead of uncroaking it.
  • Combine a Shockamancer's raw power with a Croakamancer's more finely tuned Shockamancy in order to croak targets far more efficiently. For example, rather than frying a unit's entire body, a tiny volt of Shockamancy is applied to where it would do the most damage. It might be possible to extend the range infinitely by channeling the Shockamancy through Thinkagrams.


  • Since the "weird" can potentially refer to ghosts and Croakamancy is Erfworld's closest parallel to necromancy, the magic of the dead, it might be possible to use this to commune with dead Erfworlders, or even create ghost units.
  • Wyrd can refer to Fate. It might be possible to use this combination to apply a sort of death curse to an enemy unit.


  • In a reference to double dating, figure out which units would fight side by side best, creating a bonus to Leadership.


  • Data mining; I.E., extrapolate useful patterns from vast quantities of data. For example, through long study in the library of his side, Lord Crush discovered that long, stable alliances have a tendency to fall to betrayal, with the betrayer itself falling to the side it betrayed them to. This caster link could make similar discoveries by being fed data with a Thinkamancy enhanced library or something of a similar nature.


  • Predict how well a couple is likely to turn out.


  • Thinkamancy and Turnamancy allow units to be turned to a different side, while Date-a-mancy gives insight into a unit's relationships with others. A combination of the three might enable a side to turn units far more efficiently than any one of these casters separately.


  • Create a "dollhouse", or rather, a city with more automated capabilities, like elevators, indoor plumbing, automated gun turrets, and the ability to obey more sophisticated orders than an ordinary city.


  • This combination could find enemy Units and then sink them into the very ground they stand on from far beyond the range of any weapon.
  • Create a dowsing rod magic item, which could find various objects or areas underground, eg. gems or tunnels.


  • Convert terrain type to a farm.
  • Convert terrain type to forest.
  • Create a "tree house", a sort of a cross between a unit and a city, possibly capable of repairing damage done to the city at the beginning of each turn like a regular unit.


  • Upgrade a city to be capable of self-veiling and have holographic displays.
  • Better conceal Dirtamancy traps.
  • Create a Holodeck.
  • Parson speculates that a golem created by this link might have stealth abilities.

Thinkamancer/Dirtamancer/Hat Magician

  • Create a portal. Possibly modify the capital and its associated city template into having a portal network, allowing the side to redeploy its troops across its different cities with ease.
  • Make a hex bigger (or smaller) on the inside than the outside.
  • Create a dimensional space. This could be used to store otherwise vulnerable resources, such as farms.


  • Upgrade cities at a greatly reduced cost without the casters being physically present in the cities. This link-up could be very cost-effective to a side that has many low-level cities.
  • Finding mines or other sources of gems. Making mines more productive (finding more gems, 'upgrading' gems to be worth more). Depending on how mines work, if mines automatically regenerate gems over time, it might even be possible to use this combination to create a mine.
  • Modifying a terrain type to create (or destroy) a city site.


  • Modify a structure to have good "feng shui", diffusing bad karmic energy harmlessly and improving a side's likelyhood of having a good Fate.
  • In a reference to geomancy, create a magic item that can be used for divination.


  • This combination could create a Lodestone -- a natural magnet -- which could be used to point to magnetic north for navigation, or if made much more powerful, affix metal-clad Units in place or rip the metal weapons from the hands of troops.
  • Create a lightning rod to protect a city from shockamancy attacks and redirect them at opponents. In DigDoug Episode 3, it is confirmed that a Dirtamancer can already do something similar on their own, but this linkup may offer improvements, such as the ability to charge up Shockamancy attacks on its own.
  • Create an electrically charged wall.


  • Modify a hex's move cost, raising it, lowering it, or even removing it entirely. Since city zones, which function similarly to hexes, can be crossed off-turn only by the owning and allied sides, it might even be possible to apply a rule that only allows the hex to have zero move cost to the casting side.


  • Create a flying city, protecting it from conventional attack, save flyers and casters. Maybe even create a magic item that functions as a mobile flying fortress.
  • Manipulate weather.
  • Build a non-euclidian city such as R'lyeh


  • Create a decoy doll, able to mimic the appearance of another unit, and possibly even able to mimic its abilities. It might even be possible to link the original unit with the doll via Thinkamancy, effectively enabling the original unit to be in multiple places at once.


  • "Copy" Numbers rather than "stealing" them, allowing a unit to have good luck without causing bad luck for other people.



  • Give a side multiple turns in a row.
  • Could be used to massively increase rate of production, which could very well make Parson Gotti's idea for a side with zero upkeep plausible.
  • Replicate enemy units as friendlies. This could be used to disrupt an enemy in attack and defensive actions allowing for friendly troops to appear in the middle of a engagement. Clearly, the copied units would all have goatees. (see Evil Twin on Tvtropes )


  • Create a scarecrow variant with the ability to farm for more upkeep.
  • Create farming tools that give a bonus to the production of rations.


  • Creating raiment with built in Foolamancy, such as camouflage or invisibility.
  • Parson hopes to use this combination to create a golem capable granting itself the above effects, in preparation for his war with Charlie.

Thinkamancer/Dollamancer/Hat Magician

  • Create a "transformation trinket" style magic item to quickly dress the user in adjustable armor capable of animating itself according to mental commands.


  • Create golems that can heal golems and non-golem units.
  • Create clothes or bandages that effectively grant the wearing unit the regenerate special, healing hits over time.
  • Create armor capable of gradually self-repairing over time.


  • Create a magic coat that subtly influences the wearer to change sides.


  • Create a training dummy with perpetually bad luck, making training easier and using up the side's bad numbers at the same time. The side could potentially use their training dummies against each other, with one dummy's horrible to-hit chance balanced out by the other dummy's horrible dodge chance and using up bad numbers from both sources.


  • Create a shockmancy hand cannon.


  • Enchant a library or book to contain search functionality.
  • Create a tracking device.


  • Create an Erfworld equivelant to coffee, effectively producing a ration that can apply the effect of the Thinkamancy spell that acts as a stimulant.


  • Create medicinal drugs that can be used to heal units. (Olive Branch outright states that this is possible, though it is unclear that she can be trusted in this.)


  • Create "cash crops" so that gems can be harvested in place of rations.


  • Create pressed flowers.


  • Modify an eyebook to perform encryption.


  • Manipulate Fate to create a false prophecy so as to fool another side's Predictamancers.


  • Create a "spellbook" magic item, which would function similarly to a scroll, except that it would have multiple pages for multiple spells, cost juice, be reusable, and even be capable of helping teach said spells.
  • Create a magic item that can abstract spells into a "programming language" of sorts, making it easier for casters to develop spells involving different disciplines.
  • Upgrade a library to use holographic displays in place of or in addition to books. Normally, an Erfworld library automatically pops with a random selection of all the books that have ever been published. Since a holographic display would not consume space with physical volumes, this might give an Erfworld library access to every book ever printed.
  • Modify a permanent veil to fool units selectively. For example, a secret entrance might be kept concealed from enemy units, but remain in plain sight for all allied units.
  • Create a veil that is tailored appropriately to different units for a specific purpose. For example, they could create a veil designed to make each soldier in an enemy army perceive their own personal worst fear.

Thinkamancer/Hat Magician

  • Create a special type of thinking cap/message hat that can be used to transmit thinkagrams and make caster links more stable.

Thinkamancer/Hat Magician/Lookamancer

  • Create a visor that gives access to various Lookamancy based specials and enables the wearer to detect Foolamancy.

Thinkamancer/Hat Magician/Moneymancer

Thinkamancer/Hat Magician/Predictamancer

  • Create a headband capable of enhancing a unit's intuition.

Thinkamancer/Hat Magician/Rhyme-o-mancer

  • Create a magic hat that assists the wearer in using Rhyme-o-mancy or even playing Rhyme-o-mancy on its own, using the associated bonus to improve leadership or spellcasting.

Thinkamancer/Hat Magician/Turnamancer

  • Redirect someone else's hat message.


  • Convert schmuckers to juice.


  • Create a magic item that can map the user's current location.


Some sides combine Mathamancy and LuckamancyErf-b1-p054Same-site.PNG. Sizemore explicitly compares the power of the combination to that of the Eyemancer link-up, which inspires some people to believe this a link-up with a Thinkamancer, though it is more likely that the two casters simply plan things together as Goodminton did with their Predictamancer and Luckamancer.

  • Targeted Luck: The Mathamancer determines the most important battles and the Luckamancer tilts them in his side's favor, perhaps more efficiently than if they did so without the link.


  • Spend schmuckers to produce more good luck for the side.


  • Predictamancy does not literally predict the future as Mathamancy does, but rather by viewing behind the scenes information, including Fate's plan for Erfworld. By feeding the variables acquired from Fate into Mathamancy calculations, it may be possible to acquire very accurate information on what the future holds, at least until their prediction is disrupted by their attempts to act on this knowledge.
  • Summon daemons with the Mathamancy special as a pun on Laplace's demon.



  • Allow normally inappropriate specials to be paid for and bought (made permanent) for unit: flying siege engines, tunnelling dwagons, heavy archons, etc.
  • Allow the popping of such weird units.
  • Allow for promotions that are not available by default, such as promoting infantry and warlords into gaining the caster special or conversely adding warlord status to an existing caster.



  • Teach a Signamancer to emulate Predictamancy with their own discipline.