So-be-it Union

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Proposed Canon

The So-be-it Union is an old alliance that has long been used to maintain peace. It was founded sixteen hundred turns ago during the Union conference held at Firstpost.

Under conventional Erfworld tactics, the largest army a peaceful side can maintain is about half the size of a standard side, leaving peaceful sides vulnerable. The So-be-it Union's solution was to place caps on how many units each member side can pop and unite their smaller armies against enemy sides. With 4 sides in the Union, they could confront enemy armies with an army the size of 2 standard sides.

This strategy was long successful, but an enemy side named Bullyclub managed to persuade King Scrofula of Squashcourt to defect. Lord Crush of Firstpost realized that Bullyclub would only betray Squashcourt and came up with a plan to save the Union, but King Scrofula ignored it out of pride. Scrofula's son, Prince Axe Bodyspray, eventually saw the value of the plan and very literally beat sense into his father. The Union ultimately prevailed against Bullyclub and invited Bullyclub to enter the Union.


Real World References

The So-be-it Union is a pun on the Soviet Union.