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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official. This material was created by IronDino.

Class: Heavy Unit, Engineer-class infantry
Move: 5
Hits: 10
Combat: 10
Defense: 3
Special: Dirtamancy,


Six foot tall humanoid heavy Engineer-class units that were used to create the road that connects Heuveland to Sanderston. Having a form of natural Dirtamancy they also excel at creating traps for both cities and the aforementioned road. Their upkeep isn’t terribly high and goes to offset their low move. Not much of talkers they are often mistaken a Golems due to their earthen toned skin. They are often equipped with a hammer, a pickaxe, or a shovel and are capable of tunneling.