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King Slately
Race: Men
Tribe: Jetstone
Faction: Jetstone
Class: Ruler (King)
Special: Royal, Leadership


First Appearance: LIAB 12

King Slately is the Ruler of Jetstone faction. He has been a king for over three thousand turns.Erf-b2-pT33Same-site.PNG His father was Headboard, King of Jetstone.Erf-b2-pT57Same-site.PNG

He has popped twenty-three sons and daughters.Erf-b2-pT33Same-site.PNG Among them Victor (his first son), Lustrius (his third son, probably an Heir who Slately thought was destined to be king), Titas, Forthewin, Wonderloaf, Ansom, Ossomer, and Tramennis (specifically not popped as an Heir).

A double of King Slately was created through Duplimancy prior to the (confirmed) croaking of King Slately Erf-b2-p87Same-site.PNG. his double will persist until the start of the next turn.Erf-b2-p89Same-site.PNG This was known because if the double had been croaked, no corpse would remain, however a known corpse does exist.

Proposed Canon

"She took another of my sons."

Strengths: Leadership, Organization, Stoicism

Weaknesses: Tact, Humility, Empathy

Slately claims that the magic of signamancy has changed his appearance over time, turning him short and fat to reflect his sedentary lifestyle.Erf-b2-pT33Same-site.PNG During his 3000 turns of kingship he has only seen a battle once and that from a heavily guarded turret. Again, signamancy is meant to reflect the character or personality of a unit as well as its rank. The decrypted Ossomer noted that the resolved, angered look Slately bore while preparing his plan of killing as many Archons as possible to earn enough Shmuckers to make Tramennis his heir was signamancy: the little man finally seems to be royal.Erf-b2-pT47Same-site.PNG For the purpose of his plan, the Dollamancer Ace and the Hat Magician Cubbins have turned the king's costume into powerful Magic Items: His crown was made into a foolamancy-proof cap, the Jetstone's royal scepter can shoot Shockamancy and his cloak could deflect one bolt.Erf-b2-p72Same-site.PNG

Slately appears to have had a close relationship the previous Jetstone Dollamancer, Holly Shortcake. When musing on what could be his imminent croaking, his mind turns to the possibility of meeting her again in the hereafter, and more specifically, "Could it be his final reward to know love again?"Erf-b2-pT42Same-site.PNG Further evidence is his keeping in the throne room a Doll she had created for "sentimental reasons."Erf-b2-p92Same-site.PNG

Additionally: "He truly disliked this Caster, this...joke or punishment of the Titans. Once he had been careless with the life of someone he loved, and so the Titans gave him this jar-headed jackass to "replace" her."Erf-b2-pT48Same-site.PNG


After the defeat at Gobwin Knob, King Slately approached some sides, including Haggar, and tried to persuade them to join the second Royal Crown Coalition. He may have approached Jitterati and Carport, but if so, his efforts failed.

Since his first references and early appearances, Slately has begun to show serious character depth and even development. He seems struck by the loss of his sons and to actually care for them. He originally disapproved of Tramennis because of his signamancy but has since revised his opinion. Finally he approached Don King to request a loan to appoint Tramennis as heir. He admitted his failings and his own lack of the royal ideals that he constantly blustered about and craved a chance to finally honor his sons and their sacrifice. He hopes to save his son Tramennis and perhaps die leaving him the kingdom.

Real World References

The name of the faction, Jetstone, seems to be a portmanteau of the names of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons The Jetsons and The Flintstones. King Slately's name is an amalgamation of the names of the bosses on the two shows, Mr. Spacely (Jetsons) and Mr. Slate (Flintstones).

King Slately's appearance is based on the King of Hearts and King of Diamonds from a playing card deck. Slately's coloring and design are closer to the traditional King of Hearts, but his mustache only appears on the King of Diamonds.

During the Siege of Spacerock, Prince Tramennis says that Slately must be evacuated. His response is a quote from Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars: A New Hope... "Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances."

His new outfit, made of powerful magic items and warpaints, makes him look like the Martian Ambassador of the film "Mars Attack".

Preceded by:
Ruler of Jetstone Succeeded by:
Tramennis, start of next turn