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(Proposed Canon)
(Proposed Canon)
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King Slately is the [[Ruler]] of [[Jetstone]] [[faction]].
King Slately is the [[Ruler]] of [[Jetstone]] [[faction]].
He [[pop]]ped at least four [[Prince]]s, notably [[Ansom]], [[Ossomer]], and [[Tramennis]].
He has [[pop]]ped twenty-three sons and daughters.  Among them Victor, Lustrius, Titas, Forthewin, Wonderloaf, [[Ansom]], [[Ossomer]], and [[Tramennis]].

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King Slately
Race: Men
Faction: Jetstone
Class: Ruler, King
Special: Royal, Leadership


Proposed Canon

"She took another of my sons."

Strengths: Leadership, Organization, Stoicism

Weaknesses: Tact, Humility, Empathy

First Appearance: LIAB 12

King Slately is the Ruler of Jetstone faction.

He has popped twenty-three sons and daughters. Among them Victor, Lustrius, Titas, Forthewin, Wonderloaf, Ansom, Ossomer, and Tramennis.


After the defeat at Gobwin Knob, King Slately approached some sides, including Haggar, and tried to persuade them to join the second Royal Crown Coalition. He may have approached Jitterati and Carport, but if so, his efforts failed.

Real World References

The name of the faction, Jetstone, seems to be a portmanteau of the names of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons The Jetsons and The Flintstones. King Slately's name is an amalgamation of the names of the bosses on the two shows, Mr. Spacely (Jetsons) and Mr. Slate (Flintstones).

King Slately's appearance is based on the King of Hearts and King of Diamonds from a playing card deck. Slately's coloring and design are closer to the traditional King of Hearts, but his mustache only appears on the King of Diamonds.