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Proposed Canon

Signs are the visible indication that Signamancy is at work. Tutelaries are also known to converse using Signs in the Source.

In Hvs.tCF 341, Huehue describes vocabulary as a bed/pillow of nails, in comparison to the satin mattress that is the language of Signs; the inadequacies of this metaphor only make it more apt.

Huehue lays out the following interpretation of language:

  • words--zero dimensions, point-Signs
  • sentences--one dimension (pegins, ends), line-Sign
  • paragraphs/books/etc-- two-dimensions (begins, unfolds, ends), story-Sign


Signs may be as simple as a Heavy Unit looking heavy, like a Twoll or Parson Gotti.

It would also explain the "decayed" look of characters dealing with moral or emotional conflict, such as Wanda during her service under Olive Branch, or the "clear Signs of personal decline" of Delphie Temple.

Jillian Zamussels, as she transitioned from Warlord to Ruler, lost muscle tone (sign of strength, as a warrior) and became rounder (softer physically and perhaps emotionally? In this case Don King is the pinnacle of a Ruler) and gained grace of posture (more regal - both more a Royal and more a Ruler).