Siege of Spacerock

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This is an article describing an event that is still being created by the Titans, the information in it is still to be determined. Speculation should be kept to a minimum, but is welcome if relevant.
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Wars of Stanley the Tool
Stanley's Historic Battles, The Gobwin Knob Campaign, Destruction of Unaroyal, Assault on Jetstone, Faq's Homeward Blitz, The Magic War

Assault on Jetstone
Battle of the Expository Bridge, Siege of Spacerock

Previous battle: Battle of the Expository Bridge
Concurrent battle: FAQ's Attack of Progrock
Next battle: None
Siege of Spacerock
Conflict: Wars of Stanley the Tool, Assault on Jetstone
Date: 66 turns after the Battle for Gobwin Knob, 75 AW
Place: Spacerock
Outcome: Undetermined,

Gobwin Knob

Jetstone, Faq


Gobwin Knob



Other Allied Sides


Gobwin Knob



  • A few spy bats (non-combatants)



Gobwin Knob



At least 26 turns earlier, Ansom shares with Stanley his plan to counter the expected Royal coalition that King Slately will assemble to stop the resurgent Gobwin Knob: a direct strike on Jetstone's capital city, Spacerock.

Prior to the battle, Queen Jillian is busy producing flying mounts and warlords in order to follow a plan of Charlie's.

Gobwin Knob arrives one hex away from Spacerock with an apparent all-ground force. The hexes are divided by a river, which is crossed by the Expository Bridge. Jetstone has assembled its infantry on the other side of the bridge, led by Prince Ossomer.

An initial manoeuvre by Wanda and Ansom to capture Prince Ossomer was successful but led to a skirmish in which Jack Snipe and Ansom were injured. Interrogating the decrypted Ossomer revealed information about a hidden reinforcement column. Wanda decides to lead an assault against Spacerock's garrison from the air with the intention of croaking King Slately; this would disband or convert Jetstone (since Ossomer had been the heir).

After the first turn ending prematurely for Gobwin Knob, the Battle of Expository Bridge continued with Haggar's forces softening the Gobwin Knob units up and Jillian capturing Ansom in the process. Jetstone's ground forces proceeded to attack and wipe them out before returning to Spacerock, where the ground infantry took up residence in the Atrium. Haggar's forces are then believed to have retreated towards their own capital, likely using all their remaining move in the turn, while Jillian withdrew with the goal of destroying several of Gobwin Knob's cities on her way back to Faq with Ansom.

Gobwin Knob's turn

Before the attacking force's turn Faq leader Jillian Zamussels moved to intercept and parley with Wanda in Spacerock's airspace. Jillian "agreed" to leave without a fight but instead of telling Vanna to go into the Magic Kingdom as she had claimed, ordered her to cast a spell arranged by Charlie. This Caster link enhanced spell forced Gobwin Knob to immediately end turn leaving Wanda stranded in Spacerock's air space and the infantry column without any air or caster support.

Coalition's turn

The Setup

Jillian's capture of Ansom caused Gobwin Knob to lose their Chief Warlord. Parson Gotti presented Stanley with several possible candidates for Chief Warlord among Gobwin Knob's forces in Spacerock's Airspace, however a suggestion spell cast by Maggie caused Stanley to promote Parson Gotti into the role and leave him to manage the battle. Parson quickly came up with a plan, contacting Jack Snipe to discuss Jetstone's likely response and ordered him to cast a Baffle over Wanda's stack before laying out his plan to both he and Wanda. Parson then ordered Sizemore's return from the Magic Kingdom, promoted himself to a field unit and proceeded to the armoury where he equiped himself with several Magic Items, intending to join the battle at Spacerock by passing through the Magic Kingdom with Sizemore's protection then continued to Gobwin Knob's portal room. Meanwhile, Tramennis returned from the Battle of the Expository Bridge and convinced King Slately to let him contact Charlie who gave Tramennis information on Parson Gotti. Tramennis then proceeded to discuss possible diplomacy with Gobwin Knob, including an alliance with a non-aggression treaty that would see them croak Wanda and take the Arkenpliers as opposed to simply croaking Gobwin Knob's entire attack force. They then made demands to Gobwin Knob for parley requiring them to dispell all foolamancy and bring the forces away from the tower but over the Garrison. Parson ordered compliance with screening stacks to be placed between Wanda and the tower before having Ossomer meet for parley and stall for time.

The Landing

As Parley began, Yellow Dwagons opened fire with Acidic Battlecrap attacks on the Atrium which destroyed the roof and croaked Jetstone infantry in the Garrison's courtyard. Tramennis responded by ordering the casters to fire the tower's Shockamancy spells on the Yellow Dwagons and order the retreat of Jetstone units from the Atrium where they were being croaked or, in the case of Duke Adam Antium, wounded. As Maggie reported the casualties of the Yellow Dwagons, Parson ordered the promotion of all Hobgobwins in the airspace to Heavy Units, causing their mounts to fall steadily into the open Atrium and land, together with giving the "Go" order to Wanda stating "Lets do Lunch". At this, Wanda commanded the uncroaked riders in the airspace to Harvest their Dwagons (a process which croaks the target unit in a single hit) causing the croaked Dwagons and their riders to fall into the Atrium, killing some, wounding or incapacitating others and croaking the remainder. Wanda was incapacitated in the fall but a healthy Jack Snipe steered Antium away from her with a displacement spell on her croaked mount and Wanda herself, together with A Veil which disguised him as a Jetstone Warlord. This done Jack Snipe proceeded to cast a Healomancy scroll on Wanda. Jack recommended to a now-functional Wanda that they find leadership and re-stack. Wanda decrypted her fallen dwagon, and was almost attacked by Antium. However, he was inopportunely hit with a stray arrow and croaked. Wanda decrypted him for use as "leadership".


With Jetstone's arrows spent, Wanda decrypted all dwagons and fallen Jetstone units in the atrium while Prince Tramennis planned the evacuation of King Slately and secured the tower from attack. Upon Jack's note that destroying the tower would kill Slately and end Jetsone, Wanda ordered Sylvia to take the Purple Dwagons and attack it while she led the foot soldiers down to take the portal room. Once the room was secured, Parson sent Sizemore to create a tunnel under Portal Park from Gobwin Knob's portal to Jetstone's which he completed but not without attracting the attention of Marie and Janis. As the Great Minds That Think Alike arrived in Portal Park, Maggie reported it safe for Parson to enter and doing so, he set off the Dirtamancy Trap which enabled him to enter the Tunnel and make for Jetstone. Meanwhile, Sylvia begun the attack on Jetstone's tower with the Purple Dwagons, blasting in the door, incapacitating Tremmenis and wounding several Knights.


  • Hippiemancer Janis has fetched Predictamancer Marie Lavraie and the two of them are heading for Magic_Kingdom#Portal_Park where they intend to see Parson Gotti enter the Magic Kingdom
  • Maggie has encoded a message into her G-String which she hopes the Great Minds that Think Alike will read, informing them that Parson will be passing through the Magick Kingdom to Spacerock. It is her belief that they will protect and/or assist him (particularly against the threat of any interference or attack from Charlie).
  • The battle as it has progressed so far has involved only one conventional Siege-type engagement (the Yellow Dwagons' destruction of the Atrium roof) and would certainly not qualify as a "siege" by the traditional definition of a prolonged assault on a fortified position; the battle having lasted less than a single day so far, with the invading forces already penetrating defenses in the keep. The Purple Dwagons' sonic attack through the wall against Jetstone forces including Prince Tramennis is...well...not conventional siege (at least by appearance at this point.)