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The Capital Sides of the Royal Crown Coalition, from Page 86

Proposed Canon

A Side is a group of characters and Units involved in the conflict in Erfworld and is led by a single Ruler, which is a King if the Unit is Royal, or an Overlord if not. The Side includes all Units, cities, and terrain under the leadership of that Ruler.

There is a distinction between capital sides and other sidesErf-b1-p086Same-site.PNG.

Capital sides

Capital sides (as the name implies) have capitals and are governed by a Ruler. A capital side can also own cities other than the capital. If the Ruler of a city is a Royal, the city may produce Noble and Royal Units. Royal sides sometimes split off into new sides.Erf-b1-p079aSame-site.PNG

Known capital sides:

Other sides

Non-capital sides (also referred to as natural allies) have no capital, no cities, no royals.Erf-b1-p079aSame-site.PNG They do, however, have their own treasuries and can form long semi-permanent alliances.

Known natural allies Sides:


It does not seem that Barbarians are a single side. It is a collection of Units without a side or neutral cities without an Ruler. If Rulers or their Heirs lose their capital they become Barbarians. Jillian Zamussels is one example of a Barbarian.

Barbarians have to rely on mercenary work to pay upkeep of their Units. They can form alliances with capital sides.