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[[File:Capital_Sides.JPG|thumb|Center|300px|The Capital Sides of the [[Royal Crown Coalition]], from [http://www.erfworld.com/book-1-archive/?px=%2F086.jpg Page 86] ]]
=Proposed Canon=
A Side is a group of characters and [[Units]] involved in the conflict in [[Erfworld]] and is led by a single [[Ruler]], which is a King or Queen if the Unit is [[Royal]], or an [[Overlord]] if not. The Side includes all Units, [[City|cities]], and [[Movement|terrain]] under the leadership of that Ruler.
There is a distinction between [[Capital_Side|capital sides]] and [[Natural_Allies|other sides]]{{erf|1|086}}.
==Capital sides==
Capital sides (as the name implies) have [[capital]]s and are governed by a [[Ruler]]. A capital side can also own [[city|cities]] other than the capital. If the [[Ruler]] of a city is a [[Royal]], the city may produce Noble and Royal [[Units]]. Royal sides sometimes split off into new sides.{{erf|1|079a|Parson's Klog #9}}
===Known capital sides:===
* [[Carpudlian]]s
* '''[[Charlescomm]]'''
* [[Dagwood]]
* '''[[Faq]]''' (destroyed by [[Gobwin Knob]]), now reestablished by [[Jillian]] under the protection of [[Transylvito]]
* [[Foxmud]]
* '''[[Gobwin Knob]]'''
* [[Haggar]]
* [[Hobbittm]]
* [[Hyatt]]
* '''[[Jetstone]]'''
* [[Jitterati]]
* [[Milquetoast]] (destroyed by [[Gobwin Knob]]){{erf|1|034}}
* [[Napster]] (destroyed)
* [[Sofa King]]
* '''[[Transylvito]]'''
* [[Unaroyal]] (self destructed to prevent further [[decrypt| decryption]] by Gobwin Knob) {{blog|2009|10|summer-updates-043}}
==Other sides==
Non-capital sides (also referred to as [[Natural_Allies|natural allies]]) have no capital, no cities, no royals.{{erf|1|079a|Parson's Klog #9}} They do, however, have their own treasuries and can form long semi-permanent alliances. If there is a way for Natural Allies to become a Capital Side, it has not been stated in the comic.
===Known natural allies Sides:===
* [[Daemons]]
* [[Elves]]
** [[Altruist Elves]] (used to be natural allies to [[Jetstone]])
** [[Eager Elves]]
** [[Lofty Elves]]
** [[Luckless Elves]]
** [[Schlemiel Elves]]
** [[Shady Elves]]
** [[Superfluous Elves]]
** [[Tardy Elves]]
** [[Woodsy Elves]]
* [[Giant]]s
** [[Western Giants]] (natural allies to [[Faq]], formerly [[Jitterati]])
* [[Gobwins]] (used to be natural allies to [[Gobwin Knob]])
* [[Hobgobwins]] (natural allies to [[Gobwin Knob]])
* [[Marbits]] (seem to be former natural allies to [[Jetstone]])
* [[Witches]]
** [[Sand Witches]] (natural allies to [[Dagwood]])
** [[Man Witches]] (natural allies to [[Dagwood]])
It does not seem that [[Barbarians]] are a single side; rather, "Barbarian" is a catch all term used to describe [[Units]] without a side or neutral cities without a [[Ruler]]. If Rulers or their [[Heir]]s lose their capital they become [[Barbarians]]. All of the permanent inhabitants of the [[Magic Kingdom]] are [[Barbarian]] [[Casters]].
[[Barbarians]] have to rely on either [[Farm|farming]], [[Wildlife|hunting]], or [[mercenary]] work to pay [[upkeep]] of their [[Units]]. They can form alliances with [[Capital_Sides|capital sides]].
[[Category:Erfworld Mechanics]]

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That's 2 cvleer by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thanks!