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(Known natural allies Sides:)
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===Known capital sides:===
===Known capital sides:===
* [[Carpudlians]]
* [[Carpudlian]]s
* '''[[Charlescomm]]'''
* '''[[Charlescomm]]'''
* [[Dagwood]]
* [[Dagwood]]

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The Capital Sides of the Royal Crown Coalition, from Page 86

Proposed Canon

A Side is a group of characters and Units involved in the conflict in Erfworld and is led by a single Ruler, which is a King or Queen if the Unit is Royal, or an Overlord if not. The Side includes all Units, cities, and terrain under the leadership of that Ruler.

There is a distinction between capital sides and other sidesErf-b1-p086Same-site.PNG.

Capital sides

Capital sides (as the name implies) have capitals and are governed by a Ruler. A capital side can also own cities other than the capital. If the Ruler of a city is a Royal, the city may produce Noble and Royal Units. Royal sides sometimes split off into new sides.Erf-b1-p079aSame-site.PNG

Known capital sides:

Other sides

Non-capital sides (also referred to as natural allies) have no capital, no cities, no royals.Erf-b1-p079aSame-site.PNG They do, however, have their own treasuries and can form long semi-permanent alliances. If there is a way for Natural Allies to become a Capital Side, it has not been stated in the comic.

Known natural allies Sides:


It does not seem that Barbarians are a single side; rather, "Barbarian" is a catch all term used to describe Units without a side or neutral cities without a Ruler. If Rulers or their Heirs lose their capital they become Barbarians. All of the permanent inhabitants of the Magic Kingdom are Barbarian Casters.

Barbarians have to rely on either farming, hunting, or mercenary work to pay upkeep of their Units. They can form alliances with capital sides.