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Proposed Canon

The Shmucker is the primary currency of Erfworld. To date, the other units of currency and barter that have been mentioned are Rands, Coins and Gems; no exchange rates have been indicated.

Shmuckers that belong to a Side are stored in the Side's treasury. Shmuckers that belong to a Warlord or Caster are stored in a personal purse. It is implied that in both cases Shmuckers are not stored as physical objects (e.g. coins), but rather as symbolical means of exchange.


What follows is a list of prices and values that have been mentioned in the comic, ordered by value:

  • The expense of designating Prince Tramennis as Jetstone's heir is estimated at around 165,000 (or slightly less), as calculated based on Charlie's offer of 5,000 per Decrypted Archon destroyed and a bonus of 25,000 for capturing one and returning it to him alive.
  • The upper limit of the purse of a level 10 Warlord or Caster is 10,000. Since few units achieve this level or higher, this is roughly the upper limit that one unit could have (outside of gems).
  • Parson's upkeep is "over 1,000 Shmuckers per turn"Erf-b1-p039Same-site.PNG. Stanley seems to regard this as annoyingly expensive, but not utterly outrageous.
  • The Upkeep of the weakest Archons are 200 Shmuckers per turn. The most powerful Archons can cost close to 500 Shmuckers per turn. Since Charlie has over 600 Archons, his Archon fleet has a total upkeep cost is somewhere between 120,000 Shmuckers to 300,000 Shmuckers per turn.