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#REDIRECT: [[Jeftichew]]
=Proposed Canon=
''First Appearance'' [[LIAB 57]],
Sgt. Pepper is a placeholder name for the as yet unnamed caster dressed in clothing reminiscent of the Beatles character "Sergeant Pepper". He was first seen in [[LIAB 57:9]] next to the orange portal in the background when [[Sizemore]] encounters [[Janis]] and [[Marie]], and in [[LIAB 57:13]] he is looking back at the trio as they walk away. His next appearance was in [[LIAB 60]] ([[LIAB 60:4]], [[LIAB 60:7]] and [[LIAB 60:8]]) where he is waiting behind [[Gobwin Knob (city)|Gobwin Knob]]'s [[portal]] for [[Parson Gotti]]'s second entrance to the [[Magic Kingdom]].
In [[LIAB 61]] ([[LIAB 61:12]] and [[LIAB 61:13]]) he is seen chasing Parson through the "underground passage" Sizemore created for Parson.
= Speculation =
It has been speculated that Sgt. Pepper is actually [[Jeftichew]].

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