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Magic 101
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Caster proficiency: NoviceAdeptMaster

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A Scroll is a magic item. It is a physical storage device for a single spell, which can be used only by a caster. Casters may create a scroll or scrolls on their turn, for a significantly higher cost in juice than simply casting the same spell.


Scrollmaking will generally require all of a caster's juice for a given turn. Casters in the magic kingdom will often make scrolls which can be purchased by the various sides for Shmuckers to pay the caster's upkeep. Casters on sides tend not to spend out-of-combat turns scribing scrolls as they mostly have other uses for their juice (e.g. making golems) and if a caster uses all their juice scribing a scroll they will have none available if attacked later in the turn. Of course, there are exceptions, as with Wanda and her "stash".

A scroll with a spell of the same Discipline as the Caster has a greater effect than one cast by a different Discipline.Erf-b1-p006Same-site.PNG

Even a caster who is normally not proficient at casting spells beyond his own discipline can use scrolls of other disciplines with some effectiveness.

It is not clear whether casting a spell from a scroll spends any of the caster's juice. If it costs any, it is significantly less than if the caster was casting the same spell without a scroll.

It is not clear whether a scroll's effectiveness relates to the scroll maker's unit level or novice/master caster ranking in the discipline, the scroll-reader's unit level or novice/master caster ranking in the discipline, whether it's the same kind of skill the maker or reader are good at, or the amount of juice/money/time used to make it.

It may be necessary or not to learn a scroll's recipe from the related kind of caster, making it impossible for certain sides to learn certain scroll-creation methods unless they hire outsiders. Perhaps seeing it being cast once suffices.

Some spells might be too high level to scroll, or incredibly long/costly so they're not worth the effort. Otherwise every major side would get a stash of turnamancy scrolls to have turns twice and end the other side's turn and quadruple arrows/leader bonus and do foolamancy etc. at every important battle which would render the story uninteresting - it's more of a Charlescomm ultimate stand thing. (However it has also been shown that many casters are more adept than others at casting spells outside of their specialty - for example, Wanda had difficulty casting the ultimate-warlord spell to Stanley's satisfaction because she was not a Findamancer, though her ability to manage spells outside her specialty made it possible for her to cast the spell at all. In addition, such powerful spells as ending another side's turn requires a link-up, which may not be possible to replicate via a scroll).

Scroll making level may be a skill which varies with caster independently of skill level or discipline, as a separate unit special with its own level number.