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Magic 101
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Caster proficiency: NoviceAdeptMaster


A Scroll is a magic item. It is a physical storage device for a single spell, which can be used only by a caster. Casters may create a scroll or scrolls on their turn, for a significantly higher cost in juice than simply casting the same spell.


A scroll with a spell of the same Discipline as the Caster has a greater effect than one cast by a different Discipline.Erf-b1-p006Same-site.PNG

Even a caster who is normally not proficient at casting spells beyond his own discipline can use scrolls of other disciplines with some effectiveness.

It is not clear whether casting a spell from a scroll spends any of the caster's juice. If it costs any, it is significantly less than if the caster was casting the same spell without a scroll.

It is possible there are other costs (e.g. money) associated with scrollmaking, as otherwise one might suspect Duty would require casters to spend all of their 'off-combat' turns creating scrolls rather than 'taking it easy' having picnics et al (of course, it is also possible they are in fact doing so offpage).

It is not clear whether a scroll's effectiveness relates to the scroll maker's unit level or novice/master caster ranking in the discipline, the scroll-reader's unit level or novice/master caster ranking in the discipline, whether it's the same kind of skill the maker or reader are good at, or the amount of juice/money/time used to make it.

It may be necessary or not to learn a scroll's receipie from the related kind of caster, making it impossible for certain sides to learn certain scroll-creation methods unless they hire outsiders. Perhaps seeing it being casted once suffice.

Some spells might be too high level to scroll, or incredibly long/costly so they're not worth the effort. Otherwise every major side would get a stash of turnmancy scrolls to have turns twice and end the other side's turn and quadruple arrows/leader bonus and do foolamancy etc. at every important battle which would render the story uninteresting - it's more of a charliecomm ultimate stand thing.

Scroll making level may be a skill which varies with caster independantly of skill level or discipline, as a separate unit special with its own level number.