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==Proposed Canon==
#REDIRECT [[Scout]]
Scouting is a means of gaining information instead of or in conjunction with [[Lookamancer|Lookamancers]].
When scouting, a [[stack]], generally, but not necessarily, consisting of a single [[unit]], moves through [[hex|hexes]] beyond the vision of a larger force, or outside the area controlled by a side's [[city|cities]].
A scouting unit is generally posessed of a high [[Move]], is cheap (and therefore expendable), or, ideally, both.
The [[Royal Crown Coalition]] used both [[Marbits]] and [[Doombats]] to scout, in [[City#Known_City_Zones|tunnels]] and the open field, respectively.
[[Jillian|Jillian Zamussels]] and her [[gwiffon|gwiffons]] performed scouting duties in addition to attacking targets of opportunity.
To be of use, a scouting unit must have a means of conveying the information it gathers to its superiors.
Some methods used:
[[Thinkagram]], as offered by [[Charlie|Charlie's]] [[archons]]
[[Magic Item|Magic Hats]]
Vinny Doombats can see directly through the eyes of any Doombat. It is unclear whether this ability is unique to him, or if some or all [[Transylvito Vampire|Transylvito Vampires]] can do this.
Barring all of these, messages can be hand delivered by troops with the Move available to reach their [[Commander]]

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