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[[Category:Proposed Canon]]
[[Category:Proposed Canon]]

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Proposed Canon

A scarecrow is a non-living Unit created by a Dollamancer. The Unit can perform Garrison duties.


If the design is limited to being similar to Real World scarecrows, it will be roughly human sized, appear to be made of sticks and straw stuffing clothes.

So far, the only side seen using scarecrows is Transylvito.First Intermission 13

Real World References

In the Wizard of Oz (movie version), one of the three main supporting characters to Dorothy was the Scarecrow. The Scarecrow had no heart, and sought the Wizard to try to get one. Dorothy, like Parson, was pulled from her World (which was suppsed to be ours) and into an alternate reality, Oz, where magic existed. Oz bears many similarities to Erfworld, but the greatest difference is that it is not a game world. Parson's statement before leaping through the portal near the conclusion of the Battle for Gobwin Knob, "There's no place like home," was the phrase Dorothy used to return to her own world. Parson was, obviously, not so lucky.