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Proposed Canon

Prince Sammy is a Royal Warlord from Haggar and presumably the Chief Warlord and Heir. He has stringy blond hair and weilds an axe. For hundreds of turns, he had little respect for his father King Dickie, until King Dickie proposed the apparently foolproof plan of pretending to ally with Jetstone, allowing Jetstone and Gobwin Knob to weaken one another, and then crushing whichever of the two sides survived. However, the sudden turning of Prince Ossomer, has made Sammy wonder if perhaps he and his father have badly underestimated the threat posed by Gobwin Knob.

Sammy is either a Dance-Fighter or Rock-fighter who strongly believes that "There's only one way to Rock."

Real World References

Sammy Hagar is a famous rock musician, best known for being the second lead singer for Van Halen.