Royalty and Nobility

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Proposed Canon

Royal and Noble Units have slightly stronger stats and Level faster than normal Units.Erf-b1-p079aSame-site.PNG Cities ruled by Royals may Pop Nobles and more Royals.

Generally speaking, Nobles have a title designating their social status, such as Duke Nozzle, Count Vinny Doombats, or Viscount Caesar Borgata. Other likely titles would be Baron, Earl, or Marquis. The word Lord has been used for both noble and caster units, but not Royal units.

Royal Ideals

King Slately LIAB Text 42 listed the following Royal Ideals implying by the ellipsis that there are more than those listed here. (presumably the missing list includes Duty) Since Loyalty is also a unit's attribute, the others may be as well.

  • Honor
  • sacrifice
  • dignity
  • decorum
  • station
  • ...
  • loyalty
  • bravery

Known Royal Units


Gobwin Knob





Known Noble Units


Gobwin Knob

Sofa King

Unaroyal/Gobwin Knob

Jetstone/Gobwin Knob

Possible Noble Units

Some, but seemingly not all, Casters have the title of Lord or Lady, and may be Noble Units.

Known Ignoble Units

Kingdom of Faq

  • Jack Snipe - Jack (or Knave) was his title, not his name; this indicates a position of a servant. It is not a military rank or official position, however, and fulfills the same purpose of a noble title. Practically, Snipe enjoyed the same treatment as Lady Wanda Firebaugh, as both were Casters. That he is given a title at all is interesting, as it is seemingly rare; most non-noble units simply use military ranks for the purposes of hierarchy and social interaction.


Royals can probably only be created in a capital city, while Nobles can be created in any city which is part of a side led by a Royal. It probably takes longer to create a Royal than any other type of unit, though Turnamancy can accelerate this process. The social rank of a Noble probably correlates to the size of the city in which he was popped, so a Duke comes from a big city, (maybe the Capital) and a Viscount comes from a very small city. Caesar Borgata, a Viscount, is described as being "barely a Noble", suggesting that a Duke is likely to have slightly higher initial stats than a Count, who is likely to be slightly higher than a Viscount.

It's possible free will is a innate trait to Royals, as most of the non-Ruler royals are described as ornery and contrary to their progenitor's wishes.

Many Royal and Noble Characters (especially Prince Ansom before his Decryption) believe Royalty and Nobility are the signs of Titanic mandate to rule. In fact, the purpose of Royal Crown Coalition was to defend this belief against Stanley, who believes Titans favor those with the Arkentools. Since no known Royal are Casters, it may be that these two groups are mutually exclusive.